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I still haven’t heard anything from the Save the Dome campaign.  I haven’t seen a sign or a push card or an ad – nada!

Name the MLB team that has scored the most runs through last night?

A lot of folks are moving kind of slow in H-Town this morning after last night’s barn burner.  What a game! 

Out in Commentary’s ‘hood, there is only one campaign that is actually doing anything.  What is up with that? 

CNN’s Crossfire returned to the air yesterday with Stephanie Cutter (on the left) and Newt Gingrich (on the right).  It airs at 5:30 pm local time so I don’t know how many folks will find the time to watch.  Try to stay tuned!

The Chron sports section is now posting the MLB Wild Card standings and I just noticed that KC is in the hunt.

The Red Sox of course leads MLB with 757 runs scored.

Here is from the Chron:

The Astros will start 2014 like they are ending the 2013 season – at home against the Yankees.

The full 2014 schedule will be released on Tuesday but the Astros are set to open at home against the Yankees on April 1-3, according to an industry source with access to a preliminary copy of the schedule.

The Astros also are set to face the NL East in interleague play – Atlanta, Miami and Washington come to Houston. The Astros will meet Arizona in interleague play as their “natural rival” with games in Houston and Phoenix.

Why is Arizona a natural rival?  Why are we talking about next season?

Oh yeah, we won last night by scoring four in the top of the ninth.  The game was on TV but I’m betting nobody was watching.


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