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The Chron E-Board interviewed Ben Hall a couple of days ago. Why?

The Big Jolly fella pulls the “uppity” card when he kind of takes on the Chron E-Board on their treatment of Ben Hall. Big Jolly borrows takes from Everyone Knew Her as Nancy and Commentary to state his case. The funny thing is that Chron.com lets Big Jolly hang around on their website. Oh, well.

Check it out here.

Everybody knows that Chris Carter of the ‘Stros leads the MLB with striking out 186 times this season. Name the MLB hitter who has the most walks.

Whoever drafted Peyton Manning for their fantasy football team is sitting pretty good heading into the weekend.

The H-Town Police Chief smacked a pedestrian with his car the other day. The Chron E-Board today is calling for some sort of task force to look at Downtown pedestrian safety. I agree. A lot of Downtown drivers don’t think much of pedestrians as they zoom by. The Chron E-Board also thinks the Chief ought to be slapped with a ticket. Good luck on finding a patrol officer that will write up the Chief.

Here is the E-Board take.

There is a must read article in the hard copy of the Chron about Pasadena and the latest voting rights issue. My friend CM Orlando Ybarra is featured. Go pick up your Chron and read it today.

Ryan Broid is now calling Brewers season ticket holders and apologizing. That is a start I guess.

Joey Votto of the Reds of course leads the MLB with 111 walks.

The ‘Stros played spoiler last night with a win over the A’s and that’s about all we can do these days.


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