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Election Day is nine weeks from today in case you didn’t know. I still haven’t seen any Save the Dome action. We still don’t know what is going on with Early to Rise versus Hunker Down.

I guess in the next few days somebody will put together an online tote board that says how many members of Congress will vote to strike Syria and how many will vote no.

The Senator that genuinely looks like he could be a pain in the arse during this process is Sen. John McCain. He wants more than just a strike. He wants an altering of the playing field between the Syrian rebels and the regime. He wants something a bit more sustained. I don’t know about that.

Name the first Twin to win the AL Cy Young Award?

Commentary participated in a season ticket holder discussion with the front office sales and marketing big shots Friday before the game.  Larry Dierker showed up and provided some good takes. 

There are only eleven home games remaining thank goodness. The only contenders that will be visiting The Yard this month are the Reds who will be here in a couple of weeks. The Yankees may still be in contention when they get here for the final series of the season.

The ‘Stros have fourteen road games left that include visits to contenders A’s, The Tribe, and Rangers.

Jason Castro got dinged up yesterday and now we have as our starting catcher a fella that spent eleven years in the minors before finally getting the big league call nearly a couple of weeks ago. Go figure!

Jim Perry of course won the AL Cy Young Award for the Twins in 1970 after going 24-12 and leading the team to the AL West Division title. BTW: They got swept by B’More in the ALCS.

I really don’t want to say nothing about Lo giving up a grand salami yesterday in the top of the ninth and losing the game. Good thing only 14,000 and change attended.


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