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Since we declared our independence, how many countries have been on the receiving end of an U.S. of A. bomb or missile. Let’s see Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, and Iraq come to mind.

The President is getting hit from all sides on Syria. Some folks here and abroad want us to hit Syrian targets. Some folks want to stay out. Some folks don’t like that he’s asked for a Congressional vote. Some folks say he is vacillating.

We’ve been at war for twelve years now. Thousands have lost their lives and tens of thousands have been injured.

I think it is wise for members of Congress to have a debate over the next two weeks on Syria.

It is going to be interesting to see what our two GOP U.S. Senators do.

The Twins are in town for three. Name the first Twin to ever win an AL MVP Award?

I’m thinking that only my friend Edgar will correctly answer.

State Sen. Wendy Davis gave some media interviews this past weekend. Nice job Team Davis!

The Chron E-Board spanked Ben Hall again Saturday. I’m thinking the E-Board has their mind made up on who they will endorse in the mayoral contest.

Check out the hit job here.

In yesterday’s Chron there were competing Op-Eds on Uber wanting to play in H-Town.

Here is the pro-Uber.

Here is the no-Uber.

Roman Martinez is my good friend so I am biased but I do think he made the best case.

Twins shortstop Zoilo Versalles of course won the 1965 AL MVP Award after leading the league in doubles, triples, and runs scored and helped lead the Twins to the World Serious.

Rookie lefty Brett Oberholtzer threw an outstanding complete game shutout yesterday.

Did you know that we have a better road record (23-44) than home record (22-47).


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