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Probably the most idiotic thing a political campaign can do or encourage is to have their paid workers or volunteers go steal your opponents’ signs out of yards.  Man, talk about stupid!

The Graci Garces Campaign got calls yesterday from Glenbrook Valley supporters letting us know that their Garces campaign signs were stolen out of their yards.  Dumb move for sure!  Glenbrook Valley has a very informed electorate.  Those folks talk to each other.  Believe me, by the end of yesterday everybody knew what was going on and they were probably assigning blame.

Talk about a knucklehead move.  MEMO: You are not going to change a supporter’s mind if you steal their campaign signs.  All you are doing is pi__ing them off.  They will ask for more signs.  Their neighbors will ask for a sign because they don’t like the fact that in the middle of the night their neighbor’s property was violated.  They in turn will tell other neighbors about it and in this case Graci Garces will win more votes in that neighborhood because one of her opponents pulled a bonehead move and had signs stolen from private property.  Way to go!

That’s not how you earn the support of the voters!

The ‘Stros are tied for first in MLB in committing the most fielding the errors – name the team that is tied with the ‘Stros?

Ninety years ago today in Baytown, Texas my dad Tony Campos was born and today he is celebrating his 90th birthday and yesterday evening he and my Mom came into H-Town to celebrate his great-grandson Dante’s 14th birthday.

My Dad’s story has been told before.  He went to public schools in Baytown.  He went off to fight in World War II in the European Theater.  He jumped out of planes behind enemy lines.  He was in the Battle of the Bulge.  He suffered frostbite.  After V-E Day he signed up to fight in the Pacific Theater but on the way there his boat made a detour to go home after the bomb was dropped.

He came home and got married to my Mom, went to college on the GI Bill, helped raise four kids and got involved.  He was a major LULAC player in the fifties and early sixties.  He helped organize the pilot project that evolved into a major federal program – Head Start.  He traveled throughout the state in Democratic campaigns with notables like the late Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, Jr.  He successfully sued the City of Baytown to go to a single member district governance structure.  He became an educator.

He’s also a super Dad and grand dad, and great grand dad.  He and my Mom have probably saved the family tens of thousands of dollars in day care and babysitting fees.  He loves his grand kids and great grand kids and they love him just as much.  Dante calls him “Tonio” after observing my Mom refer to him as Antonio – his given name.

He’s voted in 17 consecutive presidential elections and has instilled in his family a grand culture of political participation and activism.  I challenge any family in the country to match the Campos family’s participation at the polls.  If a member of the Campos family doesn’t vote, he or she is guaranteed a humiliating verbal hazing and a seat at the kids’ table at Thanksgiving dinner.

I still remember the night of Thursday, November 21, 1963 when he left to attend a dinner to honor President John F. Kennedy in Downtown Houston.  I remember that weekend sitting in front of our old box black and white TV watching the events while my Dad sat there stoically.

I remember sitting in the living room in the summer of 1968 watching the Democratic National Convention and seeing young people getting their heads bashed in on the streets of Chicago  – my Dad sat there stoically watching his Democratic Party self destruct.  I remember going to my first precinct convention in 1972 and getting elected by one vote over my Dad to be a George McGovern delegate to the Senatorial District Convention while my Dad was elected as a Hubert Humphrey alternate delegate.  I remember sitting by him at the 1992 Texas Democratic Party State Convention as he got elected as a National Delegate for Bill Clinton.

I remember sitting with him as he casually prepared for brain surgery as Hurricane Rita approached H-Town and I remember as he and my Mom stubbornly argued with me as Ike rolled toward their abode.

He and my Mom continue to come in to H-Town once or twice a week to drop by my place or go check out a little league game.  He still takes the local fish wrap, watches CNN, and takes his great grand kids to McDonald’s or Shipley’s. 

My Dad still continues to conduct the election at Precinct 102 in Harris County – got it – and he still has a photo of Hillary over his desk waiting to cast his vote for her in 2016 – wow!

Happy Birthday Dad – you have been an inspiration to us all!

My pal Shelley Kennedy will host a reception for HISD Board President Anna Eastman this evening at 5:30 pm at 706 Sue Barnett in Garden Oaks so be there!

The Early to Rise folks continue to have their troubles.  This is the headline to the Chron story on their presentation to the Harris County Department of Education yesterday:  Pre-K details murky as vote pushed.  Here is how the story starts out:

Harris County voters could decide in November whether to raise their own taxes for an early childhood education initiative without knowing how that money would be spent.

They are kind of stumbling on their roll out and they need to get some better pub if you ask me.  BTW:  the Chron story is in hard copy and for subscribers only – sorry.

The Chron E-Board gave Ben Hall a spanking of sorts today.

Check it out here.

The Brewers of course are tied with the ‘Stros for committing 93 fielding errors – tops in the bigs!

I don’t think we can go 22-15 the rest of the way.


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