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Happy Numero 14 to Dante today!  Happy Birthday Dante!

Lone Star State Democrats are waiting on State Sen. Wendy Davis to officially declare for Governor.  If she does get in the race, what Democrats are going to run for other statewide races?  Here is from Burkablog:

I think it can be safely assumed that Wendy Davis will run for governor in 2014, although the announcement may come later rather than sooner. The question is, where do the Democrats look for candidates to fill out their ticket after Davis? What about the other statewide offices?

The bench is very thin. Julian Castro appears to be looking at 2018 for his breakout race. Joaquin Castro isn’t going to give up his congressional seat. This is a critical election cycle, but every major statewide race has an open seat (except, of course, for lieutenant governor, but that has the feel of an open seat with the incumbent, David Dewhurst, being challenged by three credible current officeholders). Do the Democrats have a credible candidate for attorney general? Comptroller? Ag commissioner? And what about legislative races? Congressional races? The last time there was a midterm election, in 2010, the Democrats lost every contested race. The paucity of credible candidates is a real problem. Wendy Davis IS the Democratic brand.

We need to fill out the rest of the roster.  Are there any takers out there?

Last night the Rangers scored 11 runs against us in third inning.  What is the record for most runs scored against the ‘Stros in an inning?

The Early to Rise folks will try to get specific today as they lay out their plan in public to the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE).  I am hoping HCDE Trustees will step up and take responsibility and make sure this proposal is transparent.  They can’t let the newly formed without a track record Harris County Readiness Corporation dictate the terms or push them around.  After all, the HCDE Trustees are elected by the voters and the Readiness Corp. folks aren’t.  I also hope they don’t leave it up to the HCDE Superintendent to work out all the details.  Stay tuned!

Commentary saw some Roy Morales for At-Large 3 signs around a local eatery this past weekend.  I am thinking that Morales and At-Large 3 candidate Roland Chavez will probably split the Latino vote that shows up to vote.

Way back in 1989 at Riverfront, Cinncy of course scored 14 runs in the first inning against the ‘Stros.

I really don’t have anything to say about last night’s blowout.  I don’t want to talk about having one of our back-up infielders come in to play catcher and pitcher.  It has just been that kind of season. 


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