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It looks like it may be an interesting and perhaps long evening as the Harris County Tejano Democrats meet tonight at the IBEW Hall for endorsements.  Commentary is looking forward to meeting all the new members.

44 years ago today Richie Havens kicked off Woodstock.  The year was 1969 and the Mets took B’More in five in the World Serious.  Six that were in uniform during the 1969 World Serious are in the Hall of Fame – name them?

Dem candidates for judge are out collecting signatures and every one of them that I have talked to hope Sen. Wendy Davis runs for Governor because they think she will excite the base here in Harris County..  I wonder what local GOPers are thinking about a Davis candidacy? Stay tuned!

Commentary has talked to a few folks over the past few days that support early childhood education but aren’t sold on Early to Rise. 

Commentary is waiting for Hunker Down to put together the campaign to redo the Dome.  I wonder what they will call it?

Nolan Ryan (Mets), Tom Seaver (Mets), Skipper Earl Weaver (B’More), Jim Palmer (B’More), Brooks Robinson (B’More), and Frank Robinson (B’More) of course are in the Hall of Fame and were in uniform during the 1969 World Serious.

Wow!  The ‘Stros are on a two game winning streak!


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