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Now the Chron E-Board has weighed in on the H-Town Mayoral debate thing.  I totally disagree with their take to include all the candidates in the debates.  That would be a waste of everybody’s time. Here is the end of the E-Board take:

Houston’s future is too important to limit the mayor’s race to one debate, and we’re far too diverse to restrict debates to an incumbent and a self-funded millionaire challenger. Putting multiple candidates on stage will provide a panoply of perspectives and a constructive conversation about our city’s needs. Municipal issues don’t always make for the most exciting discussions, but the horse-race atmosphere of elections provides a more compelling backdrop for topics like the city budget.

While we hope Ben Hall will use the debates to explain why he is spending his personal fortune on an uphill battle to unseat the mayor, the time for one-on-one debates is during a runoff. The general election should provide voters with multiple options for what our future will look like. Whether the race for mayor, controller or city council seats, voters are best served when candidates debate the issues and define what it means to be a city that is building forever.

I don’t know what they are thinking!

They also said this:

The crowded slates for open seats on City Council provide prime opportunities for candidates to distinguish themselves. Controversial incumbents – Council Members Andrew Burks and Helena Brown, and Controller Ron Green – owe their constituents a face-off with their challengers.

Excuse me, but when did Ron Green become controversial?  Was he one of the fellas that ran on Highway 288 and blocked traffic?  Does he use PEDs?  I don’t know about that.

Here is the entire E-Board take.

The Yankees are on the verge of missing the post season.  When was the last time they missed the playoffs?

In the “best interests of the game” and because I’m a lifelong fan and supporter of MLB and because I also go to a whole lot of games and own a bunch of gear, I think I’m entitled to hear the specifics.  What exactly was the Dirty Dozen doing?  Here is what Nelson Cruz of the Rangers said:

"I have been notified by the Commissioner of Major League Baseball that I have been suspended for 50 games for violation of the Joint Drug Agreement. I have decided to accept this suspension and not exercise my rights under the Basic Agreement to appeal.

"From November, 2011 to January, 2012, I was seriously ill with a gastrointestinal infection, helicobacter pylori, which went undiagnosed for over a month. By the time I was properly diagnosed and treated, I had lost 40 pounds. Just weeks before I was to report to spring training in 2012, I was unsure whether I would be physically able to play.

"Faced with this situation, I made an error in judgment that I deeply regret, and I accept full responsibility for that error. I should have handled the situation differently, and my illness was no excuse. I am thankful for the unwavering support of my family, friends, and teammates during this difficult time. I look forward to regaining the trust and respect of the Rangers organization, my teammates, and the great Rangers’ fans, and I am grateful for the opportunity to rejoin the team for the playoffs."

Did you use a needle, down some pills, rub some stuff in, or smoke it? What exactly are the PEDs and how many times did he indulge?  What are the specifics in the “best interests of the game?”  In the “best interests of the game” we don’t deserve to be left out in the dark!

Here is what the Rangers put out:

"The Texas Rangers are disappointed that Nelson Cruz has violated the terms of Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program resulting in his suspension. The Rangers’ organization fully supports the MLB program and its efforts to eliminate performance-enhancing substances from our game. Per the protocol outlined in Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement, the Rangers will have no further comment."

Here is what the ‘Stros said about their busted minor leaguer:

"We were disappointed to learn of the involvement of Sergio Escalona in relation to this matter for violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. We fully support Major League Baseball’s policy and its efforts to eliminate performance-enhancing substances from our game. Per the protocol outlined in the Joint Drug Program, the Astros will not comment further on this matter."

It looks like an MLB template to me.   In the “best interests of the game” MLB has decided to keep us in the dark.

In the “best interests of the game” Nelson Cruz gets to play in the playoffs – what a joke.

And this:

"The penalties are a joke. If these players were in the Olympics or USA Track and Field, for example – the gold standards of testing – each player’s first major finding like this would cause a two year ban-a real penalty. Fifty games is less than a third of a season. These guys will be back for the playoffs! Baseball is not serious.” – former Clinton administration drug policy spokesman Bob Weiner.

Here is what I tweeted yesterday:

Has anyone noticed that all 12 that MLB suspended today are Latino? No se puede!

From an Evan Longoria (Rays) tweet:

Ultimately, although today will be a day of infamy for MLB, it is a tremendous step in the right direction for the game we love.

A day of infamy – huh!  I don’t think so.

In 2008 the Yankees finished at 89-73 and third in the AL East and missed the playoffs of course.

Only 25,000 and change showed up yesterday to watch a great game as Brett Oberholtzer held the Red Sox to four base hits over seven innings and the ‘Stros picked up a shutout.  Red Sox Nation was well represented but we still out numbered them. 





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