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Commentary likes Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal and his coverage of MLB.  He knows a lot of stuff and has a ton of contacts.  Heck, he was to first one to let us know by twitter that Bud Norris was headed to B’More.  Sometimes I don’t agree with Rosenthal like yesterday when he put out that A-Roid and the MLB need to stop posturing and come to an agreement in “the best interests of the game.”  I don’t know about.

I for one certainly am enjoying the back and forth between A-Roid and MLB.  We’re not seeing much MLB action around these parts these days so having fun at someone else’s expense is fine by me.  Everybody knows that Commentary isn’t a fan of the MLB office ever since they made us open the roof in Games 3 and 4 of the 2005 World Serious and then they really got me pi__ed off when they made us hit the road to play the Cubbies at Miller a day after Ike hit.  Oh yeah, don’t let me forget the 1998 NLDS schedule with that extra day off that worked to our disadvantage. 

As far as I’m concerned let A-Roid and MLB go at it.  The Yankees front office is ready to cut A-Roid loose because he’s hurt and not contributing.  If he was A-Roid with 30 dingers and 85 RBIS and healthy and still PEDing, they would be the first in line vouching for his integrity and helping pay his legal bills.  They are interested these days in getting rid of his $30 mil plus salary so in “the best interests of the game” they can clear payroll space so they can sign-up the cream of the 2014 free agent class.  Their current $190 mil payroll that includes A-Roid isn’t getting it done.  When A-Roid was of use to them the Yankees didn’t give a rat’s arse where he got his meds because that was in “the best interests of the game.” 

On this issue MLB would have a lot more credibility with me if they also punished the teams.  The teams obviously were not vigilant and probably looked the other way.  I would respect the MLB if they suspended the player and made the team continue to pay his salary into a fund for low income neighborhoods youth baseball or something like that. Make the team suffer.

Here is all of Rosenthal.

Here is what Kuffer had to say Saturday about future H-Town Mayoral Debates:

There will be some number of debates between Mayor Parker and Ben Hall between now and Election Day. How many debates, and how many participants there will be in those debates, is itself a matter of debate.


I suspect the final number will be two or three, but that’s just a guess. I do agree that one isn’t enough, and six is too many.

Here is all of Kuffer.

For those that want to invite all the candidates to the debate, here is the question I ask you:  Do you really want to hear Eric Dick complain about being persecuted for putting out those outlaw campaign signs?  Enough said!

Those of you that have fond memories of the Astrodome probably remember the two seats up in the left field upper deck where Doug Rader and Jimmy Wynn deposited massive dingers.   The seats were painted with special markings. Both dingers were hit in the same month of the same year.  Care to guess the month and year? 

The Chron did a story yesterday on women running the business side of pro and big time sports in H-Town these days and mentioned My Brown Eyed Girl.  The story is only available in the hard copy and to subscribers but here is the Pam part:

Pam Gardner, the newest member of the Harris County-Houston Sport Authority’s board of directors, was the ultimate trailblazer, serving as president of the Astros for Drayton McLane during the most successful period in its history, earning her a place in the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame.

I know absolutely nothing about Uber.  Uber wants to get into the business of hauling folks around in H-Town.  H-Town Council Members Ellen Cohen and Stephen Costello also don’t know anything about Uber and that’s why they sent out emails recently asking folks to tell them about their Uber experiences in other burgs.  Apparently the Chron E-Board knows everything about Uber and that’s why they endorsed Uber for H-Town yesterday.  Check this from the E-Board:

It is time for some healthy competition. It is time for Uber.

Here is the entire E-Board Uber take.

From the news was hard to come by this past weekend department, Chron.com put out Channel 2 anchor Bill Balleza’s FB post that says the 65-year old Balleza had a facelift.

Here is the Chron story.

How come we don’t have any 65-year old female anchors on H-Town TV stations?

Here is a good reason to make to The Yard the final series of the season against the Yankees. The ‘Stros are going to honor closer Mariano Rivera and here is from the Chron:

A little over 10 years after Mariano Rivera collected the save on Roger Clemens’ 300th victory, the Rocket has agreed to be part of the pregame ceremony the Astros will have to honor Rivera at Minute Maid Park in late September.

Astros president Reid Ryan and his staff are already planning the pregame ceremony to honor Rivera, the Yankees legend who is baseball’s all-time saves leader. Rivera will end his storied career during the Yankees’ season-ending three-game series against the Astros at Minute Maid Park on Sept. 27-29.

The Astros have commissioned a special gift to present Rivera, but Reid won’t divulge the gift publicly because the team hopes to surprise Rivera.

Clemens will be on hand to help the Astros present his friend the gift.

Rivera earned the save against the St. Louis Cardinals on June 13, 2003, to help Clemens become baseball’s 21st 300-game winner. On that date, Clemens actually became the first pitcher to earn his 300th victory since Reid Ryan’s dad, Nolan, won his 300th in 1990.

On April 3, 1970 in an exhibition game the Red Rooster deposited his dinger into the gold seats and nine days later on April 12 against The ATL the Toy Cannon launched his and set another gold standard of sorts of course.   The seats are on display at Union Station at The Yard just to your left just as you enter. 

The Red Sox are in town for three.  They have the best record in the AL.  Me and My Best Friend will be there tonight to check out Ellsbury, The Flyin’ Hawaiian, Big Papi, Pedroia, and Napoli to name a few. 

If the playoffs started today, the AL field would have Oakland, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Boston and The Tribe and the NL field would have The ATL, Pittsburgh, San Luis, LA, and Cinncy. 

I’m thinking more Red Sox fans than ‘Stros fans will show up this evening and I’m also thinking we will have over 30,000 in attendance. 


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