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This is totally unscientific but I’m thinking if you still pick up the local fish wrap on your driveway in the mornings you are probably a little older and thus more likely to vote in local elections.  If that is the case then the Ben Hall for Mayor Campaign has got to like the headline that reads “Hall’s campaign gathering steam”, that’s on the front page of the Chron this morning.  The Mayor’s folks are probably a little steamed.

Look!  They never ask me but I’ll put in my three cents anyway.  A couple of days ago the Ben Hall Campaign sent a letter to The Mayor’s Campaign asking for six debates between now and the election.  The Hall Campaign made the letter public. The Mayor’s folks agreed to one debate and that debate would include all the candidates.

Let me digress a bit.  Commentary doesn’t want to hear the other candidates in a debate and I’m thinking most folks don’t either.  I’m betting The Mayor’s Campaign didn’t do a whole lot of opposition research on the other folks like they did on Hall so don’t throw in that the other candidates have to participate.  Plus they haven’t staffed up and they haven’t plunked down a couple of mil of their own dough into the race.

Look, there will probably be more than one debate and they are not going to involve the other candidates.  If I was The Mayor’s folks I would have responded to the Hall letter by saying they would be glad to negotiate with Hall through a third party on the ground rules for future debates and request that negotiation be kept private until an agreement had been reached.  That way you keep the back and forth out of the media and don’t let Hall have free media.  You don’t want to have to play defense on holding debates.  Oh, well!

Name the MLB club with the team record for hitters striking out 1,000 times in a season the earliest?

Here is from Chron.con on the short version of the Hall “steam” piece:

Houston mayoral challenger Ben Hall has asked incumbent Annise Parker to face off in six debates this fall, but Parker says one will suffice.

Hall wants three showdowns after Labor Day on Sept. 2 but before the start of early voting, and another three leading up to Election Day on Nov. 5, so the candidates can “share our contrasting ideas and vision for the future of this great city.”

“Too much is at stake for us not to share our plans for Houston with her citizens,” Hall wrote in a letter to Parker.

Parker has agreed to just one debate, said campaign spokeswoman Sue Davis, to include all mayoral candidates and all media. The event would be scheduled after the Aug. 26 candidate filing deadline, Davis said.

“All year long, Mayor Parker speaks daily about city issues to civic clubs, neighborhood groups and other organizations, holds tele-town halls and online chats and is available to the media,” Davis said.

Kuffer has a take on HISD and HCC campaign reports here.

FYI:  HISD folks file in person at the Board Service Office at HISD Headquarters on 18th Street.  To get challenger reports I put in the request and they will email them over.

The ‘Stros of course hit the 1,000 whiff mark last night in 107 games breaking the D’Back record of reaching 1,000 strikeouts in 109 games – drats!

The $13 million team is now 36-71 and we make our first trip ever to Target tonight.


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