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Second things first:  I enjoy watching Tea Party Sen. Rand Paul and GOP Gov. Chris Christie slap each other around and call each other names ranging from “King of Bacon” to “juvenile.”  It is fun.  Keep it up.

Same thing goes for Tea Party Sen. Ted Cruz pi__ing off the establishment GOP in DC.  It is fun to watch this intra-party civil war.

Now I am going to enjoy watching local GOP members of Congress Poe and Culberson disagreeing on light rail funding for H-Town.

Some folks say the ‘Stros trading away Joe Morgan was the lousiest trade in team history.  When did we make that trade?

We have nowhere to go but up!  That’s what we expect!  I’m talking about what is left of the team after we traded away Bud Norris.

I don’t think we can go much lower than a $13 million team payroll under MLB rules.  The gut job is now complete.  We are now officially starting over.

I have been patient and have held back on totally ripping the team.   I expect August and September to kind of set the table for 2014.  I expect progress in 2014.

In 2014, progress will not be defined by losing 100 after we lose 105 or so this season.  Got it!

Alyson Footnotes and other got a chuckle from Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal’s tweet yesterday on the Bud Norris trade for L.J. Hoes:

Sources: #Orioles agree to acquire Norris from #Astros for Hoes and another piece.

Now that Bud Norris is gone one of the sports writers tweeted that the ‘Stros active payroll is now around $13 mil.  You know who makes $13 mil?  Wandy does, so does Hunter Pence, so does Adrian Ethier and so does The Flyin’ Hawaiian.  That’s great!  Our team is worth one Wandy, or one Hunter, or one Ethier, or one Flyin’ Hawaiian.

Let’s see!  How many Hoes can you get for $13 mil …awwwww!

On November 29, 1971, Joe Morgan was part of a multi-player trade that sent Morgan to the Reds of course and the rest is Hall of Fame history.

The final score from last night:  $13 million payroll team 11, $92 million payroll team 0 thanks in part to Jason Castro’s 1st MLB grand salami!


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