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Commentary is not an expert on the exact transportation needs of the Lone Star State other than to say we don’t have enough money and we probably have to raise some taxes.  Of course that is not going to happen under Guv Dude and his Tea Party anti-tax mantra.  The smart guys are outnumbered up in the state legislature these days.  They couldn’t get a deal done on increasing transportation funding and won’t until we get some leadership to step up and that does not look likely.  How can we brag about being a great state and tell businesses to move here when we won’t even address our major infrastructure needs.

Sorry!  Commentary forgot to tell you yesterday that Sandy Koufax was the 1965 World Serious MVP.

Kuffer does a pretty good analysis on H-Town Mayoral campaign giving and spending but he left me in suspense so to speak.  Check this:

There were two other names I noticed that made me do a double-take. One was a former girlfriend of mine, the last woman I dated seriously before I met Tiffany. I haven’t seen or heard tell of her in years, and I had no idea she had any interest in politics, let alone this race.

Sorry Kuffer, you can’t hold out on us.  Show me the girlfriend!

Check out the Kuffer take.

This is in today’s Chron.  Name the three ‘Stros making more than the league minimum?

From ESPN:

Challenged by the news of Ryan Braun’s suspension and a disappointing season, Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio is reaching into his wallet.

The team announced Monday that each fan who shows up with a ticket to any of the team’s 12 home games in August will receive a $10 voucher that will be good for food, beverages, tickets or merchandise.

"We were finalizing something like this to give back to our loyal fans just as news of Ryan’s suspension hit," said the team’s chief operating officer, Rick Schlesinger. "Mark decided he wanted to make a dramatic impact that would cost more money."

Despite a 43-61 record, the Brewers have drawn relatively well this season, bringing in an average of more than 31,000 fans per game. Based on those calculations, the vouchers will cost the team more than $3.6 million if they are all used.

Although it is close to the roughly $3 million the team won’t have to pay Braun, Schlesinger said that wasn’t the intention.

Yeah, sure!

A ten spot will get you a St. Arnold at The Yard.  I’ll take it!

Bud Norris (3 mil), Erik Bedard (1.15 mil) and Wesley Wright (1 mil) are the three ‘Stros making above the league minimum of course.

It is official!  The ‘Stros will lose over 100 games this season as they traded away closer Jose Veras yesterday.  The skipper just said this past weekend that Veras was the only decent arm in the bullpen and now he’s a goner.  I don’t know what they’re thinking in the front office.  The arms we have in the bullpen can’t even cut it at Triple A!  Once the relief corps gets the call it’s BP time if you ask me.  I wonder if Vegas are moving the over-under for losses to 110. 

To end up 51-111, we would have to go 16-42 (.279) the rest of the way – possible.

To set the team loss record and go 54-108, we would have to go 19-39 (.328) – probable.

To end up 63-99 and avoid a third straight 100 loss season we would have to go 28-30 (.483) – impossible.

Step up to the window and place your bets!


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