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NBC announced last week that it was going to put out a four hour mini-series called “Hillary” starring Diane Lane as the former First Lady and Secretary of State.  The series will cover 1998 to the present.  Diane Lane is a good choice.  She was just Superman’s Earth mom in “Man of Steel”.  She was “Unfaithful” to Richard Gere.  She’s done the “Lonesome Dove” poke with Robert Duvall.  She owned “Secretariat”.  Oh yeah – she’s married to the fella that played “W” – Josh Brolin.

The “Today Show” this morning rattled off some suggested names to play President Clinton including John Travolta, Bill Pullman, and Woody Harrelson.  I don’t know about that.

Last Friday Commentary mentioned the Dodgers winning 1965 World Serious over the Twins.  Name the 1965 World Serious MVP?

From Robert Miller’s take today:

Under current Texas statewide election dynamics, it is good to be a Republican candidate from either DFW or Houston.

Location, location, location!  Robert has an interesting analysis on GOPers chances of getting on the statewide GOP ticket.  It is where you come from.

Check this from Robert.

don’t think Robert will be doing a take on Dems chances by geography since there isn’t any data if you know what I mean.

Grace Gummer is now on “The Newsroom” as reporter Hallie Shea covering the Romney campaign along with Jim Harper.  Ok, Ok, you should know that Gummer is Meryl Streep’s kid.   Got it!

The woes continue.  Here is from the Chron this past weekend:

“It’s not good,” Astros manager Bo Porter said. “At this stage of the season, you would think that guys would get better. That has not happened and we are in a complete funk as far as the bullpen (goes) and trying to find someone down there other than (closer Jose) Veras to come in and give us quality innings, and it’s just not happening right now.”


One of the Astros’ main goals entering a challenging 2013 season was to win the games they were supposed to. That has rarely happened. With a shaky bullpen continually leaking runs, the Astros were again reminded what happens when they do things on the cheap.

Well at least we get to see the Red Sox next week and maybe Big Papi will smash the dugout phone.

At the end of the season we may get to watch Mariano Rivera pitch his last regular game of the season.

Even though he had a high pitch count yesterday Jarred Cosart showed he can get out of jams. 


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