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Commentary learned yesterday about a new candidate for H-Town City Council District D – Cristina Sanders.  Stace gave her some run.

Here it is.

Young and impressive is how she comes across.  I’m looking forward to hear her stump speech at an upcoming candidate forum.

The only link I can find for her is her donation link here.

She sounds like she potential.

There is a lot of speculation throughout the MLB world that A-Roid may never be coming back.   He’s hurt and he’s under a very dark cloud of performance-enhancing-drug (PED) use suspicion.  If he does come back he will be in the twilight of his career.  A-Roid is sitting on 647 career dingers.  In how many seasons did he smack 50 or more dingers?

Now here’s the deal.  Right now on the H-Town City Council we have five women serving – The Mayor and CMs Adams, Brown, Cohen and Noriega.  That’s five out of seventeen.  CMs Adams and Noriega are being termed out.  The Mayor is facing a challenger with money.  Brown has some challengers.  Cohen has a challenger but she isn’t going to have any problems getting reelected.  In order to stay at five or better women candidates are going to have to run the table so to speak in other races so stay tuned and get involved.

The team will be in Canada for four, in B’More for three, and then at Target for three and don’t return home until August 5 for a brutal seven game homie with the Red Sox and the Rangers.  Aside from the Red Sox and Rangers, the only contenders that will visit The Yard between now and September 29 are the Reds and the Yankees.  I don’t consider the Jays (14 ½ back), the Mariners (-11), Twins (-12), and Angels (-11) contenders.

As a Ranger A-Roid had 52 dingers in 2001 and 57 in 2002 and as a Yankee he had 54 in 2007 of course.

On any given day you can hop on Stub Hub and look for ‘Stros tickets and find around 400 to 500 options available.  If you go check for the Red Sox series in August, there are over 1000 options for each game.  It looks like folks scooped them up and are trying to make a small profit.

‘Stros starter Bud Norris made his MLB debut back in 2009 against the Cubbies at Wrigley.  A few days later he started at Busch against San Luis.  He’s been steady at best.  He’s our number one starter but would be a four or five for the high dollar teams if you know what I mean.  Now he’s trade bait with the Red Sox, Pirates, Phillies, Giants, Dodgers and B’More having an interest.  Throw The ATL into the mix as one of their key starters Tim Hudson broke an ankle yesterday.  Norris has signaled that he wouldn’t mind getting traded to a contender.  I kind of hope he doesn’t get shipped off because we’d be getting another set of prospects and I’m getting a little impatient.  We’re already on our way to another 100 plus loss season and how do we look for next season?  So long Bud?  We will find out in the next few days.


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