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Commentary watched some of the dueling protests on the flat screen and online yesterday afternoon.  I have to hand it to those police officers who walked alongside the protesters.  They got in a good workout.

I didn’t see any Johnny Reb gear. 

Robert Miller has an early take on the H-Town Mayoral race.  Robert thinks The Mayor is on her way to a victory.  Robert kind of compares the race to a football game and has The Mayor leading 20-3 at halftime.  Robert thinks The Mayor will cover the spread.  What’s the betting line?

Robert also mentions Rice Owls football and is betting the Owls will cover the spread next month against the Aggies.  The Aggies are currently 29 point favorites.

Check out sport writer Miller’s take here

How many times has a Canadian MLB club played in the post season?

Commentary mentioned on Friday the 1993 H-Town zoning proposal that the voters voted down.  Here is from the 1993 LWV Voters Guide:

Wording on the ballot:



The purpose of zoning is to regulate the use of land to mitigate the impact of potentially incompatible uses.  The underlying principle is protection of residential neighborhoods.  The Houston zoning ordinance established nine base districts each specifying permitted uses and establishing performance standards for the development of land within the district.  These districts can be described very briefly as follows:  Four are designated for residential use and allow school, churches and similar public services; Three for mixed residential and commercial use; One is for existing publicly owned or controlled natural open space, including bayous, parks and cemeteries.

Zoning Supporters Said:

The zoning ordinance provides a guide for the orderly growth and development of Houston that will protect the interests of residents and businesses alike.

Zoning will strengthen existing deed restrictions and will provide protection for the neighborhoods that do not have deed restrictions from commercial encroachment and such non-compatible uses such as bars, cantinas, liquor stores, sexually oriented businesses and motels.  40% of Houston’s neighborhoods do not have deed restrictions.

Existing grocery stores, beauty salons, virtually all business offices and other small businesses are “grandfathered”, or protected, even in the most limited residential zones.

Older inner-city neighborhoods are the most vulnerable to commercial encroachment.  By providing stability and predictability in these areas, investment incentives are created and redevelopment is more likely to occur.

Special protective features of the zoning ordinance are that surrounding property owners must be notified of a proposed zoning change and public hearings must be held before the change is approved.

Houston is the only major U.S. city without zoning.  This has discouraged some large companies from locating in Houston as they consider Houston without as a “city out of control.”

No tax increase will be needed to cover the average $1.50 per person, per year to enforce zoning.

Zoning Opponents Said:

Zoning will create more of a city government bureaucracy and promote corruption.

The zoning ordinance puts too much control in the hands of bureaucrats and not enough in the hands of neighborhoods.

The government should not be allowed to tell a property owner how he can use his own property.  That is taking away a person’s property rights.

Zoning will drive businesses, especially small businesses, away from Houston.  Neighborhood and home businesses would be severely restricted.

Zoning will adversely affect availability of low-cost housing as zoning will increase development and building costs thereby limiting supply.

Implementation of this ordinance will cost the city much more than administrative costs.  There will be a significant loss in property taxes and in sales taxes if businesses leave Houston for a less restrictive business environment.

What could have been!

Ty Wiggintonner’s Brother sent me a correction of sorts about the Chron front page photo of Guv Dude signing the abortion bill.  Here it is:

I think the Chron cropped the photo because the one on his site had Senator Eddie Lucio and Rep. Scott Turner (African American) in it.  I think Stephanie Carter and James White were there as well but not in the photo.

Got it!

You have to hand it to Lefty for lapping the field yesterday. 

The Montreal Expos made the MLB playoffs in 1982 and the Toronto Blue Jays made the playoffs in 1985, 1989, 1991, 1992, and 1993 of course.

Out with the old and in with the new.  The front office is now admitting that their 2013 experiment didn’t work out and sent veterans Carlos Pena and Ronny Cedeno packing yesterday and are calling up Jonathan Villar to be our starting shortstop for the rest of the season.  Pena was batting .209 and Cedeno .220.  We had to do something as we’re on pace to lose 107 games – yikes!


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