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86,060 against and 79,063 for!

That’s what the Chron reported on Wednesday morning, November 3, 1993 on the vote on zoning for the City of H-Town.  I mention it because the Chron today has a story about neighborhoods being helpless as high rises spring up right next to them.  It is happening in the Woodland Heights, the Heights, the Museum District, and the River Oaks area.  It is because we don’t have zoning.

The night that zoning lost here is what came out of the winning camp:

“I think it’s a reaffirmation of can-do spirit of Houston.  We’ve been recognized as the entrepreneurial capital of the country, and that reputation is nothing but earned.”


“This means Houston has a soul and a spirit that they aren’t willing to be pushed aside.  It’s our special advantage over all cities.  We’re the only free city in the country.”

The opposition led by developers outspent the zoning proponents three to one and that is why twenty years later we’re “free.”

Name the first MLB team to giveaway a player specific bobble head – also name the player?

Commentary was born and raised in the Lone Star State.  I love the Lone Star State.  I’m not offended though when that fella on Comedy Central goes after us.  That’s Guv Dude’s fight.  In a way he started this s__t.

Dude forgets that our state motto is “friendship.” Why do we want to go and start a ruckus in California, Illinois, and New York?  Those states don’t waste their ad time picking on us.   What are the ad folks thinking?  Why send this message and why use Dude of all folks as the messenger? 

The front page of today’s Chron has a big photo of Dude signing the abortion bill.  Every single one of the folks in the photo is of the Anglo persuasion.  That doesn’t look like Texas to me.

After two rounds at Muirfield Tiger is at two under and in the hunt!

In 1999 the San Francisco Giants of course handed out 35,000 Willie Mays bobble heads and the rest is history said Brad Ausmus in a wetsuit and Numero 45 on a caballo.

I’m going to try to have a light lunch today because it’s dollar dog night at The Yard this evening and I’d like to scarf up at least three or four of those bad boys.

The Mariners are in for three as the so-called second half of the season starts this evening with the team focused more on evaluating players with an eye out for trades.


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