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Quanell X and others will march through River Oaks this Sunday to protest the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

They are going to be met by a fella name Jon Smith and a group he created called G. Zimmerman River Oaks Stand Your Ground.  I’m betting Jon Smith doesn’t live in River Oaks and I’m also betting that there won’t be a whole lot of River Oaks residents joining the group.

I’m even thinking that a whole lot of River Oaks residents will probably head to their weekend getaways, to Highland Village, to Edwards Bijou, take a very long lunch, take in a matinee in the theater district, or just stand behind their fancy drapes and basically have no part of the action.  I really don’t think they will be setting up water stations and handing out bottles of Evian to the thirsty marchers.

The Smith fella has put out the call for his folks to bring their CHLs if they are packing and has urged his folks to wear red, white and blue gear and bring their Johnny Reb flags if they got them.  I don’t know about that.   Bringing a Johnny Reb flag to an event under these circumstances can only lead to not so good things.  When you start using the Johnny Reb flag on your invitation, the folks that still have an allegiance to the Johnny Reb flag will show up.  Some of the folks are still in denial of the surrender at Appomattox.   When you mix in the other party in 95 degree humid weather and throw in some harsh rhetoric, tension, and emotions.   Well, you get the picture and it isn’t pretty.

Everyone knows that on August 4, 1993 in Arlington, Nolan Ryan plunked White Sox Robin Ventura and Ventura charged the mound and ended up a Nolan Ryan headlock and got punched on the head six times and the rest is history as the photo of the incident with Nolan’s John Hancock is a collector’s item.   Who was catching for the Rangers that evening?

The jury is not out.  I’m talking about the George Zimmerman jury.  I don’t have a problem with them wanting their privacy and be left alone from the press so nobody can come bug them about their verdict.  Now one of them talked to AC 360 and hid in the shadows and contributed to the national debate.  Yesterday four of them responded to the first and again they didn’t give out their names and contributed more to the debate.  I don’t know about that.  I’m thinking if you want to contribute to the debate and put in your two cents then you kind of have to show me an ID card if you ask me. 

The Emmys were announced this morning and “Newsroom” scored a couple of acting nominations.  Jeff Daniels and Jane Fonda will get to walk down the red carpet in September. 

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez was behind the plate of course and was the first to try to pry Ventura out of Nolan’s headlock.

Let’s see, the Chron Sports section today talks about how bad the team is doing.  Really!  Here is what beat writer Brian Smith says:

The 2012 season was an unapologetic tear-down year for the Astros. The 2013 campaign began as a bridge year but thus far has been little more than a band-aid. Until the real prospects arrive and excitement returns long-term to Minute Maid Park, this season’s Astros are technically no different than last year’s. Positive expectations are still absent, the team’s record is still the worst in the game, and there are only a few players on the current 25-man roster expected to hold key roles when young talent such as George Springer and Jonathan Singleton arrives to stay.

The Astros have 68 games left to push themselves closer to 2014 and further away from a 2012 club they’ve yet to leave behind nearly fourth months into a new season.

Oh, well!


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