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Internet sensation and SD 15 constituent Sarah Slamen got some nice run today in the Chron from columnist Kyrie O’Connor.  The column is only available for subscribers or if you have a hard copy for now.  Here are parts:

From O’Connor:  I’ve known Sarah for five minutes, and I’ve already been Slamened.

On Slamen’s testimony before last week’s committee testimony:

She pointed out that Sen. Donna Campbell was an ophthalmologist, not an expert on reproduction, and was starting to call out other members as well. Just then the committee chair, Sen. Jane Nelson, told Sarah she was being disrespectful. That was not going to work on Sarah. "Excuse me, this is my government, ma’am. I will judge you," she said. And that’s when she was dragged out.

Sarah knew what she was doing, though she admits she was scared when she was hauled out. She was trying to break through Sen. Nelson’s polite exterior. "I wanted her to reveal herself," she says. "That’s how you organize – you agitate ’em."

Way to go!

Slamen on the Texas Democratic Party:

Remember that Sarah Slamen calls herself neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Her evaluation of Democrats drips with contempt. "All they’ve done is lose," she says. "If the minority party in Austin wants to change things sooner rather than later, they need to get out of Austin and find out that the rest of Texas looks more like Houston," she says. "They need to reach out to the working poor, the oil workers." She pauses. "It’s a long game."

Ditto way to go!


Sarah understands that her moment is just that: a moment. "Civilization will forget about Texas in a week," she says. "It’s going to be us fighting for Texas ultimately."

She’s right.

Slamen says she’s moving to New York.  That’s too bad.  She’s needed here.

Go get you a hard copy of the Chron and read the column!

MLB says it will probably expand instant replay next season.  Oh brother!  In what year did MLB first use instant replay?

I’m thinking At-Large 3 candidate Michael Kubosh’s real name is Felix M. Kubosh.  Felix M. Kubosh gave the Michael Kubosh campaign donations of $4,000, $10,000, $10,000, and $72,000 in the latest report.  Everyone knows that the most you can give in a City of H-Town election cycle is $5,000 per individual and $10,000 per PAC.  You can give as much as you can to yourself.  I think this is the case if you ask me.

The Chron E-Board wants a mayoral fight right now!  They want both candidates to start debating the issues like pensions, water, street repair and food trucks.

They are calling the Mayor a chicken for toning down her pension  reform rhetoric.  They want Ben Hall to start getting specific.  Here are parts of the E-Board take:

Precisely what those issues will be, however, remains a bit of a mystery. Mayor Parker can point to her list of B-heavy accomplishments and promise more of the same: budget, business development, bikes and bayous. Hall, as the challenger, has yet to exactly establish where he differs from Parker beyond who he’d prefer as mayor. With millions of dollars flowing through our political system, there is no excuse for avoiding a full-throated debate of the issues facing our city.


All too often, the mayor’s answer to Houston’s problems is "patience." That very well may be the right answer, unless we want higher taxes and less accountability to grease the way for quicker results. Can Hall do better, or is that merely betting on empty promises and platitudes? We have until November to find out.

Here is the take.

Let’s get it on!

MLB introduced instant replay on August 28, 2008 of course.  More instant replay will only make the games longer.  MLB needs to work on speeding up the games.

Jason Castro didn’t get to see any action last night.  Commentary and My Best Friend went to an All Star Game viewing party sponsored by the team and it was packed with folks. 


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