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The DPS says they didn’t save or confiscate the feces from Friday at the Capitol.  There ain’t any doodoo or poop on the evidence shelves.  That’s bulls__t if you ask me.  That’s what you call flushing the evidence down the toilet.

My pal Robert Miller said this last week:

(State Sen. Wendy) Davis and (AG Greg) Abbott are both rocketing into orbit.  One is integral to the renaissance of the Texas Democratic party, but the other is the next Governor of Texas.

This is what Robert said yesterday:

Governor General Abbott appears unbeatable by Democrat or Republican. 

Robert “appears” to leave a glimmer of hope for a Dem on the table.  Robert also has given Abbott a new title.

Here is Robert’s take.

Commentary wasn’t able to catch much of last night’s Dinger Derby.  Some folks know that the Dinger Derby began in 1985.  How many MLBers have won the Dinger Derby more than once?

Kuffer takes a look at the campaign reports from The Mayor and Ben Hall here.

You have to be impressed with the $2.2 mil that the Mayor hauled in and her team has every right to be high fiving and beating their chests.   Nice job!

Of course don’t get too cocky since Ben Hall plunked down $1.5 mil of his own dough into the race and it looks like he could plunk down another $1.5.   Show me the TV ads!

Houston, TX – Houston mayoral candidate Ben Hall released the following statement on the Trayvon Martin verdict:
"I am disappointed with the Trayvon Martin verdict. There can be no satisfaction or celebration in that case. A 17 year old life has been taken. How could an innocent trip to buy candy turn into death? Parents and communities are left with questions on all sides. We have a verdict indeed, but there remain nagging uncertainties about the story upon which that verdict is based. Death has robbed us of Trayvon’s account of events — silenced by a lone bullet to his heart.

"I am also disappointed that the fatal events on that rainy night in Florida began simply by the way Trayvon looked. In a diverse world, we must insist that people be judged by what they do rather than how they look.

"This case renews my commitment to the principles of acceptance, tolerance and diversity in our world. If elected Houston’s next mayor, I will remain steadfast in ensuring that our law enforcement and forensic personnel continue to receive the necessary training, equipment and resources to protect the rights not only of the living but also the dead who can speak no more.

"My prayers are with the families, communities, and this great country."

Commentary has groused lately about the buildup in congestion around I-10 and Studemont/Heights/Yale because of all the development with no relief in sight.  It is like the City doesn’t even want to acknowledge a problem.  My pal Jeff Balke of the H-Town Press says there is a new apartment development going up in our ‘hood and the City appears helpless when it comes to helping out the residents.  Here is what he says The Leader wrote about CM Ellen Cohen:

She said her goal is "to ensure that the quality of life of my constituents remains high, and the best approach is to bring the developers and the residents to the table to address their concerns and attempt to find ways to compromise for the betterment of the community."

From Balke: In this case, "compromise" would appear to mean "bend over and take it" for residents.


Here is all of Balke.

Ken Griffey, Jr. won the Dinger Derby in 1994, 1998, and 1999 and Prince Fielder won it in 2009 and 2012 of course.

Commentary likes the current MLB All Star Game set-up where the winning league gets World Serious hosting honors.  Some folks don’t like it.  From a ‘Stros fan standpoint for tonight’s game we can only hope that Jason Castro gets in the game and maybe catch Mariano Rivera’s last All Star Game appearance.


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