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Commentary thinks the San Francisco TV station that fell for the hoax on the names of the Asiana Air crew ought to be made to go dark for 24 hours for being plain stupid.  Everyone that was working in the newsroom that afternoon ought to be docked a week’s pay.

Speaking of they did what, what’s up with the DPS confiscating tampons at the State Capitol Friday.

Name the nine current MLB stadiums that have never hosted a MLB All Star Games?

I watched some news coverage of AG Greg Abbott’s announcement yesterday.  On the station I was watching he didn’t come across as a candidate with a lot of substance.   He sounded more like a cheerleader.  He didn’t come across like a candidate that is ready to lead the Lone Star State.  Of course, he’s got over $20 mil in the bank so what Commentary thinks on this really doesn’t matter.

“Newsroom” was A-Okay last night as the first episode is setting up Season 2.

When you have 10,000 plus show up in upper ninety degrees heat to welcome Dwight Howard, I’m thinking that the providers are going to get CSNH on the air sooner rather than later.

Citi Field, Citizens Bank Park, Great American Ball Park, Marlins Park, Nationals Park, Petco, Target Field, Tropicana, and Yankee Stadium have yet to host a MLB All Star Game.  Citi gets theirs tomorrow and Target gets theirs next year.

Commentary was blown away Friday night by Jarred Cosart’s MLB debut.  The kid had a no-no going into the seventh frame.  He was eight outs away then Ben Zobrist lined a single just beyond the reach of Jose Altuve.  Wow!

Of course we are still on track for another 100 plus loss season – drats – as we’re off until Friday evening.


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