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Name the first ‘Stro pitcher to ever start for the NL All Star team?

The only thing I know about AG Greg Abbott is that he likes to go after President Obama and sue the federal government.   I don’t know anything about his position on education, tuition, taxes, water – nada.  So far he doesn’t sound like a leader.

The H-Town City Council is fixing to give Costco a $1 million tax rebate for a store that is going to be built outside of the city limits.  The Chron E-Board came out in opposition this morning.   Who is smarter:  the City or E-Board?   We will have to wait until next week since the item was tagged this morning.

Once we get past the current special session will Guv Dude still be relevant?

If you subscribe to Chron then you get to read Lisa Falkenberg’s very well written column this morning on the state regulating the Johnson.

It the season of the dreaded candidate questionnaire!  They are starting to roll in – oh no!

It turns out Dwight Howard showed up to the Breakfast Klub yesterday and paid everyone’s tab.  What a nice fella!

Commentary went by the City Secretary’s office to check the latest list of candidates and saw that former State Rep. Al Edwards is running in At-Large 3.  Hey, it is a free country.

J.R. Richard of course started for the NL All Stars in 1980 of course.

The GM says George Springer isn’t coming to the bigs anytime soon.  You will have to ask the GM for an explanation.  Oh well, one would think he might help out a team that is 32-58.


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