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Next week the H-Town City Council will vote to adopt the budget and they may have to vote on property tax relief amendments.  Check this out from yesterday’s Chron:

The council is expected to begin hashing out the budget next week.

The big-ticket proposals related to property tax relief for seniors, with council members Andrew Burks, C.O. Bradford and Helena Brown each offering at least one idea on the topic. Most of their amendments sought to raise Houston’s $70,862 residential property tax exemption to match Harris County’s $160,000. Affected homeowners would save $569 annually under Bradford’s most aggressive proposal, and up to $58 under his most modest.

Brown’s proposal, which would hike the city exemption in steps to match the county’s by 2019, would cost $5.7 million next year and $102 million cumulatively by 2019, City Finance Department director Kelly Dowe estimated. Those numbers likely are understated, he said, because they are based on 2012 tax data and assume no growth in appraised values.

Everybody likes tax relief. If you take revenue out of the budget what do you cut?  It always sounds nice to support tax relief but it isn’t revenue relief. I would hope that it has nothing to do with the upcoming election.  Stay tuned!

The White Sox are in town.  Name the last White Sox player to win the AL MVP Award?

The Big Jolly fella has an interesting take on the mayor’s race.  He went and checked out a Ben Hall talk to a pachyderm group.  You may not agree with Big Jolly because he is a GOPer but it is a take nonetheless in a time when not many folks are putting out takes on the race.  Here is a part:

After meeting him (Ben Hall) and hearing what he has to say, I think he might have a real shot at ousting Mayor Parker.

First off, he has vision. Mayor Parker may be a lot of things, and most of them good, but a visionary she ain’t. Hold the fort? Yes. Toe the line? Yes. Minor improvements here and there? Yes. But visionary? No. The one thing that she did that was somewhat visionary was to try and “fix” drainage issues. Unfortunately, she did it with a huge tax and a deceptive ad campaign, both of which were targets of Mr. Hall during his comments today. Rather than using the money for shovel ready drainage projects, the money is paying the salaries of Public Works employees.

Hall’s vision is to grow Houston. In fact, he claims his campaign and the election aren’t even about Mayor Parker but about the future of the city.

Here is the entire Big Jolly take.

It’s the vision thing, stupid! 

I don’t know if the vision thing will work.

Last night the lights went out in our ‘hood for over an hour and it wasn’t a transformer popping out.  It felt more like a mini rolling blackout.  Oh, well!

Frank Thomas of course of the White Sox won the AL MVP Award in 1994.

The White Sox are in for four and Orbit bobblebellys will be handed out tomorrow.


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