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More and more newspaper organizations are asking folks to pay-up or subscribe if you want to get some of their local stories online.  The Chron, the SA Express news, the Statesman, and the Star Telegram to name a few are now charging to get a lot of their local news online.

If you want to get the news from CNN, MSNBC, or Fox from the flat screen, you have to pay cable, U-Verse, or satellite subscriptions and that goes for the internet.

In the old days before the internet if you wanted to get the local news you had to go buy the local fish wrap or pick up a discarded one. 

I guess you can still go solo and get today’s equivalent of the rabbit ears and get the local news from the local TV stations or you can listen to the radio on NPR or stations like 92 FM but for the most part you are still going to have fork over some dough for the local news.

Since the MLB Amateur Player Draft started in 1965, how many MLB franchises have never had the first pick?

According the local news reports, the jury that is deliberating the fate of the former HPD officer in the Chad Holley case is at an impasse.  I’m thinking that if we have a hung jury or outright acquittal there won’t be much of an outcry if you know what I mean.

There were 19 Dome ideas submitted.  That’s probably 19 too many. 

I am not going to say that this fella knows how to play hardball but I will say he loves to play hardball.  I’m talking about Guv Dude.  He certainly doesn’t have a problem wielding his veto threat or calling a special or adding red meat to the special call.  That’s who he is.

Since the opening of The Yard, season ticket holders have been charged for a couple of exhibition games at The Yard right before the regular season starts.  The two games have always been against teams from the other league.  We get charged for the two games but fewer and fewer fans have been attending.  The new President of the ‘Stros is exploring the idea of playing those two games next year at the Alamodome against the Rangers.  I’m OK with that as long as we’re not charged for the two and have to make the trip out I-10.

Check out Tag’s Lines on the 2014 SA games here.

The Dodgers, Giants, Jays, Reds, Red Sox, Rockies, San Luis, and Tribe of course have never had the number one pick in the MLB Draft.

Now we have lost six in a row.  It was pretty painful to watch last night.  Maybe it is time to bring up some of the prospects.


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