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Commentary doesn’t have a problem with Mrs. Mumford being cast in the lead role in the upcoming bio epic “Rodham.”  I do find it puzzling that a movie will be made about her life during the seventies.  One would think that her life in the nineties and beyond would be more eventful.  I guess Hollywood knows better.  I wonder who will play Rodham’s beau.  Why not Mr. Mumford?

The outcry from Dems on the feds checking our phone records is deafening.  Not really!  It is of like “in President Obama we trust.”  If the feds are going to have access to my records they at least ought to help out with paying the internet and phone bill.

I really don’t know what to say about the story in today’s Chron about the HISD criminal investigation other than to say anytime the term “criminal” is used it isn’t a good thing.

Here is the article.

Here is one that you have a fifty percent change of getting right or wrong.  The MLB Amateur Player Draft began in 1965.  Are any Number One Draft Picks in the MLB Hall of Fame?

I received this yesterday from the folks over at the Houston Press:

The 3rd annual Houston Web Awards presented by Houston Press returns. The event will honor the best of the web at House of Dereon Media Center (2204 Crawford St) on Thursday, June 27, 2013 from 7pm – 10pm. Local individuals, organizations and businesses will receive a Web Award for outstanding online and social efforts. Local celebrity presenters will be handing out the awards in categories like best Pinterest, Best Instagram Feed, Tweet of the Year, Best Food Blog and Best use of Facebook by a Business – just to name a few. Followers, fans and Social Media enthusiasts are invited to attend the award ceremony celebration to watch the gurus of the web accept a trophy. Nominate your favorites now!

I checked out the categories and noticed that there wasn’t a Best Politics Blog category this year.  Either they forgot about it, or they are no longer interested, or no one is worthy, or they want me to just hang on to it for another year. 

Commentary and My Best Friend were over at The Yard yesterday evening for the Draft Watch get together.  We got a little swag, hot dogs, ice cream, and a St. Arnold.  The Mark Appel pick was a hit with those in attendance.  The kid was born in H-Town and played little league here.  The team did right by picking him.  It sent a much needed reassuring message to the fan base. 

To date not a single Number One Draft Pick has made it into the Hall of Fame of course but Ken Griffey, Jr. and Chipper Jones will get there in a few years.

The team is in KC this evening for a weekend series.


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