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Forty-five years ago today Sen. Robert F. Kennedy won the California Democratic Party Presidential primary.  We all know what happened at the Ambassador Hotel after RFK gave his victory speech.

Commentary has had the same black garbage bin since we went the bin route a long time ago.  It gets fed a couple of plastic bags of trash every week – the stuff that can’t be recycled.  It kind of needs new wheels.  A couple of months ago some entrepreneur slapped a flyer on it advertising a garbage bin cleaning service.  In today’s hard copy of the Chron there is a story on the service.  It is called Mr. Clean-a-Can.  From the Chron:

For $10 a month it “cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes garbage bins, mostly for residential customers.”

The oddly shaped, brightly painted truck lifts the empty bin into a wash bay for cleaning. Afterward, the driver dries the inside and outside of the bin by hand.”

Then the bins are "like brand new – they smell like roses."

My bin doesn’t attract flies and I probably run a water hose on it once a year.

How many World Serious titles does B’More own?

Here is what my pal Jose de Jesus Ortiz from the Chron put out:

The Astros sought and received permission from Major League Baseball to wear a special patch in honor of the four Houston firefighters who died Friday.

“Our prayers go out to the families and friends of the firefighters who lost their lives or were injured in last week’s tragedy,” Astros president Reid Ryan said. “We all owe a debt of gratitude to all of our firefighters, who risk their lives to keep others safe.”

The Astros will wear the patch during the upcoming three-game series from Tuesday to Thursday against the Baltimore Orioles at Minute Maid Park.

The team will also hold a special moment of silence Tuesday night in honor of the four Houston firefighters who died fighting a fire in Southwest Houston Friday.

The team is also offering local and national firefighters and their families free tickets to the upcoming home stand with a firefighter identification.

“People look to us in times like this,” Ryan said.

That is really nice of the team to do this.

Oklahoma State pitching prospect Jonathan Gray tested positive for drugs.  The ‘Stros have him as a possible top pick in the draft.  I don’t know about that.

From MLB.com:

Set aside the preseason predictions, set aside the minuscule payroll and simply focus on the games played between the white lines. The result is something very few expected.

Following Monday’s 2-1 victory over the Angels at Angel Stadium, the Astros have won six straight games — the longest active streak in the Major Leagues.

B’More won World Serious titles in 1966, 1970, and 1983 of course.

B’More and their hot hitting first baseman Chris Davis (.357 average and 20 dingers) visit The Yard for three starting this evening.


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