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Only 11,974 showed up at The Yard yesterday afternoon to check out the ‘Stros and Rockies.  That was the second lowest turnout at The Yard to watch the ‘Stros since they started playing Downtown.  On April 24, 11,686 showed up to catch the ‘Stros and Mariners.  The announced crowd is actually the number of tickets sold so a lot of the 11,974 really didn’t show up yesterday.  That’s too bad.

There are never any lines at the bathrooms.  There are hardly any lines at the concession stands.  The folks working at the concession stands are like carnival hawkers, calling on you to come try their hot dogs or chicken tenders.  It is kind of sad.

If you get there when the gates first open an hour and a half before the game there are never any lines.  On giveaway games, the T-shirts, gym bags, bobbles, umbrellas and other stuff usually last until around 15 minutes before the game starts.  I remember when it used to be all gone 20 minutes after the gates opened.

Commentary said before that a $20 million payroll gets you a $20 million ballclub.  The team does play hard and has not given up though.  I think that is because most of them are young and trying to prove that they belong in the bigs.

I understand folks not wanting to come out to The Yard.  Heck, they are only handing out two bobbles this season – Jose Altuve and Orbit.  That tells you something when a mascot gets a bobble while guys like Jason Castro and Bud Norris don’t.

B’More will come in for three next week and I’m thinking more folks will show up to watch this AL East club.

When the Rockies first started playing in Colorado in 1993 who was their first skipper?

Patti Kilday Hart has a good column today on the State Senate giving up the two-thirds rule during the special session.  Here are parts:

In 2003, Houston Sen. John Whitmire endured harsh criticism after he broke ranks with fellow Democrats and returned from a self-imposed exile in Albuquerque, where the lawmakers had fled to avoid voting on Republican-drawn redistricting maps.

At the time, Whitmire felt the condemnation was worth what he had secured in return: a promise from Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst that he would abide by the Senate tradition of requiring a two-thirds vote to debate bills on all issues besides redistricting. The flight to Albuquerque had prompted some Republicans to want to change that rule, and Whitmire believed his return would save it.

"There has been that commitment made to me," he said in a 2003 interview explaining his defection from fellow Democrats.

What a difference a decade makes. In a letter to Gov. Rick Perry on Monday, Dewhurst urged that the special session agenda be expanded to other issues blocked by Senate Democrats in the regular session.

Acknowledging that he planned to abandon the rule, Dewhurst wrote: "I see no other alternative than to operate under a simple majority vote in the Special Session. The Legislature was unable to pass a number of important bills intended to protect and expand the freedom of Texans and cut the size and scope of government."

Whitmire said he confronted Dewhurst about the letter on the Senate floor Tuesday, but the lieutenant governor "kinda blew me off" by pointing out that the governor has called the special session only for the issue of redistricting. Dewhurst, who has called on Perry to expand the special session to take up bills to restrict abortion and expand gun rights, declined comment through a spokesman.


Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas, argued the Senate should be consistent: "If we bypass the two-thirds rule in a special session, the tough issues will be held up at the end of a regular session. It will be one more reason not to work together to find common ground."


Sen. Kevin Eltife, R-Tyler, agreed.

"I personally favor the two-thirds rule. It protects urban versus rural. It helps me protect water and transportation issues in my area," he said. "You can ram a lot of stuff through with a majority. A lot of bad stuff my constituents oppose would get passed. I’m for less legislation, not more."

Oh, well!

The Chron E-Board has a piece today on if you build it they might not come.  I’m talking about the much ballyhooed Buffalo Bayou sprucing up.  Apparently accessing the bayou is a challenge.  Here is how the piece ends:

After all, the park won’t be a very smart use of tax dollars if Houstonians have to run across the freeway to get there.

Check it out here.

Dierk is back.

Check it out here.

Don Baylor of course was the first Rcokies’ skipper back in 1993 of course.

A first!  Jason Castro was named AL Player of the Week after batting .579 with three dingers.  Congrats to Castro!

We’re at Coors for two starting this evening.


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