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Commentary doesn’t ride the Downtown Light Rail much.  I’ve ridden it probably less than five times since it opened back in 2004.  You have to purchase a ticket to ride even though they don’t have turnstiles or ticket takers.  It is called an honor system. 

Sometimes Metro will have some of their police waiting at stops and ask to see the tickets of departing passengers.  You get busted and handed a citation if they catch you riding without paying.

This December the Metro North Light Rail Line will open and next year the East End Light Rail Line and Southeast Light Rail Line will open.  I’m thinking since all the new lines will be running through the ‘hood Metro will get a bit more aggressive in checking to see who is paying to ride the light rail. 

I’m OK with that just as long as it doesn’t get to the harassment level or doesn’t get into a sort of racial profile thing.

Everybody knows that the Cy Young Award has been around since 1957.  How many MLB clubs have never produced a Cy Young Award winner?

Burkablog gave the Lite Guv a blistering spanking this past weekend.  Here it is:

Poor David Dewhurst. He occupies what was once widely considered to be the most powerful office in the state. Now he is reduced to begging Rick Perry to help him pass his pet legislation so that he can have something to take to the voters. Dewhurst has had plenty of time after his loss in the Senate race to develop a legislative program, and now he comes along at the last minute to ask for special [session] treatment for his legislation.

And whose fault is it that the Dew doesn’t have much to show for his efforts? Why, it’s those awful Democrats, of course, the ones who have 12 votes in their caucus while the Republicans have 19 votes in theirs. No wonder he can’t get anything done. The minority is just too strong. The man hasn’t got a scintilla of self-awareness, and the whole Capitol is scoffing at him. Now Dewhurst wants his issues, the ones he couldn’t get passed in the regular session, to be front and center in the special.

It would be different if even one of Dewhurst’s issues were good for the state, but even that hurdle is too high to climb. Water? Who needs it? Roads? We’ve got plenty of them. Education? Sure, let’s give public money to TLR for private schools. What we really need are drug tests for welfare recipients and people seeking unemployment benefits. Campus carry? Now you’re talking. Let’s not forget redistricting and Voter I.D. Surely there’s an abortion bill we’ve neglected to pass. And we can always recycle that state spending cap his buddy MQS likes to write about.

If Dewhurst had exhibited one iota of leadership this session, he wouldn’t have to beg for a special session. But he didn’t. And the truth is, he hasn’t done so for years.

What is really on your mind Burkablog?

This is from MLB.com today:

Astros designated hitter (catcher) Jason Castro continued his red-hot surge, going a career-high 4-for-4 with four singles to raise his average to .283 following a 10-for-12 tear. He is the first Astros player with at least three hits in three consecutive games since Ty Wigginton on Aug. 15-17, 2008.

Speaking of, I wonder what kind of session Ty Wiggintonner’s Brother had up in Austin?

Here is what The General had to say in the Chron last Thursday:

Since Houston won the vote Tuesday, I have been asked about the Astrodome and its fate in relation to the 2017 Super Bowl.

The Astrodome had nothing to do with the owners’ decision, but I’ll make this prediction: It will be demolished before Super Bowl LI. I think it’ll be cleared for 1,600 parking spaces or possibly something like a small replica that’s a museum for what used to be the Eighth Wonder of the World.

The Astrodome isn’t an issue for the Texans or the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo or the NFL, for that matter. Its fate will be decided by our politicians. It’ll be a difficult decision to tear it down, but it will be the right decision.

Here is what Chron columnist Ken Hoffman said yesterday about the Dome:

Here’s why nothing will ever be done about the Astrodome. Politicians know they will anger voters no matter what they decide to do with the Dome. It’s easier to do nothing and offend nobody and get re-elected. Do something! Anything! Either fix it up or tear it down. Let’s not have another Super Bowl with that moldy, rat-infested Astrodome ruining our image.

OK, so the A’s own our arses 9 games zip this season.  I wish I could say let’s look at the bright side.  Jason Castro is hitting .283 and if he stays around .283 that’s a good thing.  Jose Altuve is batting .309.  Matt Dominguez is starting to get a hot bat.  Let’s just hope it stays hot.

Five MLB clubs have never produced a Cy Young Award winner of course:  Marlins, Nationals, Rangers, Reds, and Rockies.  When the Nats were the Expos, they won one with Pedro Martinez back in 1997.

The Rockies are in town for a couple. 


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