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Happy Birthday Mom!  Commentary’s Mom is celebrating her 87th BD today.  She came by yesterday and let me know she wasn’t happy with the way the ‘Stros gave it away Friday night.  She also declared she wasn’t going to be cooking the rest of the week so my Dad’s on his own – yikes!

Happy Birthday today to Julie Luna!

As long as I can remember we’ve been Space City, Bayou City, H-Town, Clutch City, briefly Choke City, and even Magnolia City.  I don’t ever remember Neck City.  The Mayor told the Wall Street Journal that some folks think that H-Town is a "redneck white city down in Texas.”  Ouch!  I didn’t know about that.  I don’t know if I would have used those words to impress the Wall Street Journal. 

Here is her quote in the proper context:

“Redneck white city down in Texas."

That’s how Houston Mayor Annise Parker sums up the caricature of her town, and she wants everyone to know it’s bunkum. Houston is "a really cool city," she says. "Open and entrepreneurial and welcoming." It’s also booming.

Here is the entire article.

Now there are some burgs in the H-town area that probably have quite a few necks but I don’t know about H-Town.

FYI:  Bunkum mean nonsense – I think.

When was the last time the Royals made the MLB playoffs?

I’m thinking the SA Express News three part “Twice Betrayed” series on sexual assaults in the U.S. military is award bound.  The series is a powerful and painful read.  Nice job SA Express News!

Now this is what you call ultimate reality TV.  I’m talking about watching live the tornadoes in Oklahoma chew up the landscape the last couple of days.

There is no TV deal to report on this morning from City Hall – nada, zilch.

We will find out this afternoon if we get Super Bowl 51 so stay tuned!

In 1985 of course the Royals won the World Serious in seven over San Luis and they haven’t been in the playoffs since.

Last night at The Yard the team played like an MLB team.  There was good hitting and good defense including three DPs and we picked up our 13th win of the season.


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