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Commentary is seriously thinking about walking away from the Sunday Morning Talking Points, err, Sunday Morning Talk Shows.  You can say I’ve become disillusioned of sorts.  They have become nothing more than a venue for both sides to trot out their daily talking points.  It is so predictable and that you learn absolutely nothing.  They also do nothing to ease the gridlock in our nation’s Capitol.  In fact they actually greatly contribute to the gridlock.

Yesterday was the typical Sunday morning in these parts.  Get up.  Fetch the hard copy of the Chron. Go through it, have a couple of cups of coffee, flip on the flat screen, watch the local Sunday morning news, then the Sunday “Today Show”, then the talking points shows while fixing morning grub and browsing for other news and sports stories while keeping an eye on the talking points.

The shows like “Meet the Press”, “State of the Union”, and “This Week” all feel obliged to give each side equal time so each side comes out armed with their talking points.  The media really has no right to criticize Congress for gridlock when in fact they give Congress the venues that helps create gridlock.  You could say that the media are major enablers. 

It was the same old same old yesterday with Benghazi, the IRS, and the AP deals.  

The best of yesterday morning was the “Today Show” segment on a pregnant Jenna Wolf going shopping for baby gear, learning that of the 55% or so that don’t approve of how The President is handling Benghazi, over 50% of those don’t even know where Benghazi is on the map, David Gregory correcting Peggy Noonan’s goof of not knowing the law regarding the relationship between The President and the Attorney General, and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld without talking points.

Without the Sunday morning talking points shows, I could probably get in my Sunday workout at the gym a little earlier and have time for a Sunday afternoon flick.  It’s a change worth considering for sure.

The Royals visit The Yard this evening.  Tonight will be the 31st time the ‘Stros and Royals have played each other over the years.  Name the team with the best head-to-head record?

If you have not seen SNL’s segment the other night with Bill Hader’s “Stefon” with Seth Meyers, you are missing great TV.  Anderson Cooper gets kudos for his cameo.   The piece borrowed from the church wedding scene from “The Graduate.” 

Check out the skit here.

Over the weekend Commentary saw an Eric Dick for Republican Mayor campaign sign on a fence off of I-45 and North Main.  What’s up with that?

Kuffer has more here on Dick.

So that means The Mayor has three opponents – one that says he has money, one that will have signs, and one that I don’t know anything about.

If H-Town lands Super Bowl 51 tomorrow, count on The Mayor to include it in her campaign stump speech.

The Mayor will have the owner of the ‘Stros and one of the providers over for a sit down to see if a deal can be made.  A couple of days ago the owner told the Chron that CSNH is losing money. 

The ‘Stros are 17-13 in head-to-head versus the Royals of course.

We gave one away Friday night.   Right fielder Jimmy Paredes ran into second baseman Jake Elmore causing Elmore to drop a pop up and letting the Pirates snatch a win.  It looked so 2013 ‘Stros.  We start an eight game homie this evening.  Did you know that Miguel Tejada is a Royal? 


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