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Commentary heard that the H-Town City Council Ethics, Elections and Council Governance Committee met yesterday to discuss the issue of holding City Election run-offs on Saturdays like they do now or holding them on a Tuesday.  I wasn’t there but I’m betting it has something to do with saving money. 

Holding the runoff elections on Tuesday means you don’t have to pay as much rent if the voting locations are held at public schools or other places that are normally open on weekdays.  Holding the election on a Saturday means you do have to pay rental fees if the place isn’t open on Saturdays.

Here in H-Town we don’t have a lot to brag on when it comes to voter turnout.  It seems like holding the runoff on a Saturday when more folks are not at work would get us a better turnout and more campaign volunteers.  Keep the runoff on Saturday at least until we reach the 50% voter turnout level in a runoff.

Who is the last Hall of Fame great to throw a no-no?

Graci Garces had around 50 or so folks last night at a very nice Downtown venue on their outdoor patio.

I’m not going to say a whole lot about the Astros Wives Gala PR mess but you can check out what the Houston Press says here.

You can also read the Jerome Solomon of the Chron piece on “Blame Crane.”  He must have looked at yesterday’s Commentary when he says:

It is simply bad PR. And bad baseball.

Here is all of his column.

The word is the ‘Stros will name a new CEO/President and Nolan Ryan’s son is seriously being considered so stay tuned.  Well at least he knows baseball business.

I have to give The Mayor and the City props.  Here is from the Chron for subscribers only for now:

In downtown Houston, there are about 3,200 parking spaces on the street – and a whopping 5,800 signs drivers must decipher to use them without getting towed or ticketed.

Aiming to fix this "confusing mishmash of signs," as Mayor Annise Parker put it, City Council on Wednesday approved a $1.3 million contract with a Houston firm that will spend the next year removing signs and replacing them with a standardized set.

The types of parking signs posted downtown will drop from 120 to as few as 16.

When I park on a street Downtown sometimes I have to walk the entire street block to read the myriad of signage to make sure I don’t get towed.  Way to go!

In 1991 Nolan Ryan pitched a no-no over the Jays of course.

We have the day off then begin interleague play tomorrow against Pittsburgh.  Now that sounds weird. We have played 25% of the season and we have 11 wins. 


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