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You have to wonder what was the point of Ben Mendez and his campaign for H-Town City Council District I sending out that photo of Graci Garces (Commentary’s client).  I am still scratching my head about that move.  I guess they know they can’t attack Graci on her record of service – but this?  The Mendez campaign invited this response:

From Jason Cisneroz, Nick Hellyar, Erik Ibarra, Mary Ruth Rodriguez and Lillian Villarreal to Ben Mendez:

The photo below that you and your campaign distributed of Graci Garces is of a bullying nature and shows intolerance on your part that has no place in our society. We find this sort of thing misogynistic and deeply offensive.  We demand that you immediately apologize to Graci Garces and the people of Houston City Council District I.

While we certainly understand that campaigns sometimes take a negative tone due to past documented “policy actions” by individuals, personal attacks on one’s ethnicity, physique, sexual orientation or religion are disturbing and demonstrate an ignorance and prejudice that is harmful to the entire community.  As a husband, father and leader, I am sure you would find it very offensive should a similar picture be distributed of your wife, your children or a friend and member of one of the organizations in which you are affiliated. Your recent actions are no different than a bully in school targeting a student that may look different.  As a former educator, you should know better.

Major League Soccer (MLS) has initiated their Don’t Cross the Line program that “promotes unity, respect, fair play, equality and acceptance throughout the soccer community.”  You may want to visit their website http://www.mlssoccer.com/mlsworks/dontcrosstheline  to take the Don’t Cross the Line Pledge: "I pledge to treat others with dignity and respect and will not tolerate discrimination, bias, prejudice or harassment of any kind."

There are a number of websites and articles on intolerance that we hope you will visit to help you understand the damage that your actions could cause to a person.



“Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective.”

Sadly, the leadership you are offering with your campaign tactics says discrimination and harassment is acceptable.

We await your apology.

And this from Graci:

I was appalled that Ben Mendez and his campaign would distribute a photo of me that is intended to bully, harass, and discriminate.  The Mendez campaign crossed the line of decency and should be held accountable.

I have been involved in politics for over ten years and have experienced the rough and tumble of political campaigns.  I also take pride in being a strong woman and mother and will not be deterred by Mr. Mendez’s disturbing and prejudicial missive.   Many are not as fortunate and succumb to bullying and harassment tactics.

Mr. Mendez is obviously unaware that bullying is a serious problem or else he would not have distributed the photo – even in jest.   I join those that have asked Mr. Mendez for a public apology and go even further by publicly asking him to reassess his campaign for City Council District I.  He has demonstrated intolerant behavior and discriminating attitude that has no place on the Houston City Council.

He asked for it.

Nolan Ryan’s name is getting some run now that there is an opening in the front office at The Yard.  Everybody knows Nolan has seven no-nos.  Name the teams he pitched no-nos against?

The news from The Yard yesterday was George Postolos resigning.  That means he was shown the door.  A lot of fans were not happy with some of the stuff off of the field.  Like the lack of a TV deal for 60% of H-Town homes.  The ugly signage in left field messed up the look of The Yard.  The fella that put the fake flash on us last week didn’t help.  They just disbanded the Astros Wives Gala and left HAWC holding the bag.  Now that’s tacky.  They got rid of a lot of so called institutional knowledge that the front office badly needs just so George could have his team in place.  Postolos dissed Dierk and that didn’t sit well with a bunch of fans including Commentary.  Letting JD go to the Cubbies was a dumb move.  Having the games go from the blowtorch 740 to 790 was also not good.  Maybe it wasn’t all George’s fault but this is what happens when you play in the bigs.

It will be interesting to see who they bring in.

Nolan Ryan threw no-nos against the Royals, Tigers, Twins, B’More, Dodgers, A’s, and Jays of course.

We lost again last night and Altuve got dinged up pretty good.  What else can go wrong?


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