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It looks like the upscale restaurant Reef in Midtown stepped into a mess for their role in the cancellation of a local Planned Parenthood reception that was to be held on their roof.   Why?  They cratered to the zealots.   I kind of have news for them.  Those zealots don’t eat at Reef.  The only time they visit Midtown is too protest.

Here is a Houston Press story on the Reef deal.

The Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg has a more detailed piece that for now you can only check out if you are a subscriber or have a hard copy of the Chron.  Here is a bit:

Tempers flared and jaws dropped Tuesday when Reef canceled a small Planned Parenthood donor reception two and half hours before it was scheduled to begin. The bar, Proof, had earlier canceled a large cocktail event that was to follow featuring Sandra Fluke, the young lawyer who became a feminist folk hero of sorts when she drew Rush Limbaugh’s ire, and later his apology, in her advocating for insurance companies to cover birth control.
It is Reefer Madness if you ask me.  My good friend Planned Parenthood CEO Melaney Linton has a take on the deal and the Reef co-owner has a different take of sorts.  I’ll side with Mel.

I’m betting some Planned Parenthood supporters will look elsewhere for their sliders.   If you are at The Yard you may want to avoid Reef related El Real, L’il Bigs, and the Freddy Fender and Caz Grand Slam grub if you know what I mean.

FYI:  The Roundtable hangs out at Reef. 

Angels skipper Mike Scioscia filed a protest last night at The Yard.  How man World Serious rings does Scioscia own as a player?

Let me give Guv Dude his due for greeting The President yesterday and not making it his own photo op by trying to hand over a letter or something like that.  

The Mayor has her campaign kickoff tomorrow at a park down the street.  Hope it doesn’t rain.

MLB.com columnist Richard Justice has a piece today on diversity in the MLB.  Here are parts:

In his 21 years atop Major League Baseball, (Commissioner Bud) Selig has used his platform and power to make the sport an institution committed to racial and gender fairness. His leadership has resulted in a historic period of growth and innovation, but he has remained true to his core values and his belief that baseball is a social institution and a force for change in the world.


As part of that effort, the MLB Diversity Business Summit, to be held June 18-19 in Houston, will allow job seekers and entrepreneurs to meet teams at both the Major League and Minor League level, as well as an array of sponsorship partners.

Selig will head a list of speakers that includes MLB’s chief financial officer, Jonathan Mariner; Brewers owner Mark Attanasio; and D-backs president Derrick Hall.

Baseball has gotten high marks through the years for bringing men and women of color into the game at every level. In his most recent report, Dr. Richard Lapchick, director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida, wrote:

"MLB once again recorded an A for racial hiring practices."

Here is all of the Justice piece.

My pal Rosi Hernandez used to be a VP over at The Yard.  I wonder if Justice has checked to see if there is Latino/Latina VP under the new ownership.

The H-Town area will be getting a new area code – 346.  Who cares?  We don’t have to remember phone numbers these days.

Mike Scioscia won World Serious rings as a player wearing the Dodger blue in 1981 over the Yankees and in 1988 over the A’s of course.

The Rangers are in for three this weekend.  This is the second visit to The Yard for the Rangers this season.  I’m sure there will be plenty of Rangers fans at the games.  We’re 11 1/2 out and hope it isn’t 14 1/2 by Sunday evening.

Happy Mothers Day!


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