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Let me apologize for something I said yesterday.  Here is what I said:

Yesterday (Tuesday) a supporter of the Ben Mendez for City Council Campaign sent out a mean spirited and classless attack item on Graci Garces. 

It turns out the Mendez supporter was confronted yesterday and he ratted out the candidate and the campaign as the ones responsible for distributing the classless attack item.  This is mean spirited, classless, and narrow minded.  That’s not the way to conduct a political campaign in District I.  What do you expect?

Albert Pujols has a .323 career batting average but is only at a .240 clip this year.  How many times has Pujols batted above .300 in a season?

Some of us have fought hard to help Latino businesses benefit from our politics.  The Latino community has been very supportive of HISD bond initiatives in recent elections.  It looks like our efforts are not going to be appreciated as HISD is set to announce its HISD bond program managers with Latino firms being shut out.  What a shame! 

I don’t agree with those that criticize McDonald’s for giving a shout out to Charles Ramsey.  Here is from MSN.com:

Charles Ramsey is a media star this week after his heroic role in the rescue of three women who spent nearly a decade in captivity in a Cleveland home. He’s given several interviews about the incident, and he talks about McDonald’s in many of them.

He even mentioned McDonald’s in his 911 call to police after responding to Amanda Berry’s cries for help from the house. And the company has taken notice, reaching out to Ramsey on Twitter.

"We salute the courage of Ohio kidnap victims & respect their privacy," the company said. "Way to go Charles Ramsey — we’ll be in touch." The statement was retweeted more than 10,000 times.

With that message, McDonald’s has thrust itself into the widening spotlight around Ramsey, a restaurant dishwasher who rocketed to fame because of the rescue but perhaps more so because of the engaging, moving and often humorous ways he has recounted the event.

McDonald’s has become part of the story, and now it’s being criticized for crossing the line. "Even when you account for what might be noble intentions on the part of McDonald’s, the tweet still doubles as an ad," Seamus McKiernan writes in The Huffington Post. He added that McDonald’s seems to be praising Ramsey as much for his good deed as for mentioning the company repeatedly.

"We should acknowledge that the McDonald’s tweet is inappropriate at best and, at worst, it capitalizes on the sensation of a tragic story," McKiernan wrote.

Charles Ramsey is the real deal and folks that go after McDonald’s need to get a life.

Yesterday Wolf Blitzer and others said they were surprised to hear that two of the Cleveland Castro brothers weren’t charged.   Most of the world including Commentary had already convicted all three.  What do we know?

Albert Pujols has batted over .300 in ten seasons of course.

Commentary was at The Yard last night and saw us take a series from the Angels.  We can go for the sweep this evening – yikes!


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