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Last night Commentary watched Anderson Cooper’s interview with Charles Ramsey on CNN.  Ramsey is the fella whose Big Mac dinner was interrupted by one of the kidnapped women in Cleveland Monday evening.   Ramsey is very animated and entertaining in the interview.  It’s the best McDonald’s ad I’ve seen in a while.  I’m thinking McDonald’s will probably send him a year’s supply of McMeals.

Yesterday a supporter of the Ben Mendez for City Council Campaign sent out a mean spirited and classless attack item on Graci Garces.  I guess they are trying to take the focus off of Mendez donating dough to the GOP.  Last week the Mendez campaign had a cyberspace back and forth with a veteran Latino community activist on the GOP donation matter.

Albert Pujols is in town and everyone knows he won the NL MVP Award in 2005, 2008, and 2009.  He was runner-up in 2002, 2003, 2006, and 2010.  Name the players that won the award when Pujols was the runner-up?

Speaking of, whatever happened to the meeting that The Mayor was supposed to put together with CSNH, U-Verse, Dish, and Direct TV on carrying the ‘Stros game?  Did I miss it?  Was any progress made?

Some fella saw singer Paulina Rubio on a flight from Miami to H-Town.  He claims to have asked permission to take a picture of her and after he took the shot he claims she snatched his camera from him and put a knee to his groin area.  Now he’s gone to court to have a judge order Rubio to hand over his camera along with some walking around money.  I’m thinking Rubio already tossed that camera to el ultimo adios land.

I’m thinking that your neighborhood doesn’t qualify for one of those National Night Out parties or a Neighborhood Watch Organization certification if none of the neighbors notice that someone on your block has been hiding three kidnapped people in their crib for the past ten years.

Barry Bonds won the NL MVP Award in 2002 and 2003, Ryan Howard won it in 2006, and Joey Votto won it in 2010 of course.

We won last night but it is way too early to say that the changes made to the roster will result in more wins.  Jose Altuve should not be batting in the three spot.  Stay tuned!


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