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The Killer Ds of 2003 are having a ten year anniversary get together in Austin.  Good for them?

If the legislature is in Special Session this summer, I wonder if the Texas Eleven will have a get together.  That means The Dean will miss more time at The Yard.  Hey Dean, you ain’t missing much!

Christians for Good Government sent out another email yesterday with another ad complaining about HISD.  They mentioned that they held a meeting at a church this past weekend and that’s all I know about them.

How many of the current ‘Stros have ever made an MLB All Star team?

We’re at a point in the MLB season where things have to turn around or else we may end up witnessing the worst season of any team in the modern era (post 1900) of the MLB.  You have to wonder if collectively they think that they aren’t capable of winning.  It doesn’t help that they started calling themselves out this past weekend. 

Yesterday they shipped out three players and brought in three more.  Of our starting rotation at the beginning of the season, two have already been replaced with a third on the way.  

The Chron’s sports columnist has a piece on the losses that have mounted up.  Here are parts:

You can’t help but feel sorry for them.

Didn’t they know how outmanned they were against the Tigers, who outscored them 28-2 in one 18-inning stretch of the four-game sweep?

The Astros’ starting batting order Sunday had a combined total of 59 RBIs. Two Tigers – Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder – have a combined 68.

And this:

For all you National League traditionalists in Houston who didn’t want a designated hitter, you got your way.

The Astros don’t have one.

Through Sunday, their designated hitters had a batting average of .210 and had struck out 50 times in 124 at-bats. Their two most often used designated hitters – Chris Carter and (Carlos) Pena – are hitting .217 and .200, respectively, with a combined 35 strikeouts in 91 at-bats in that role.
Ouch!  That hurt!  And:

This is not a team built to win.

This is a team of sacrificial lambs.

The Astros were built this season primarily with players expected to hold down positions until the talented young reinforcements are ready to be called up from Oklahoma City and Corpus Christi.

We are 8-24.  Today’s Chron points out that the 2003 Tigers started out at 7-25 and ended up losing 119 games.  Guess what?  Carlos Pena played on that 2003 Tigers team – yikes!  Our new radio announcer Steve Sparks also played on that 2003 Tigers team – yikes!

The Chron also points out that the 1987 Padres started out at 7-25 and ended up with 97 losses.  Of course that team had future Hall of Fame greats Tony Gwynn and Goose Gossage along with Gary Templeton and John Kruk. 

The ‘Stros need better talent.  They need an attitude adjustment.  They need to play harder.  They need to believe in each other.

Carlos Pena and Jose Altuve are the only ‘Stros ever to have made an All Star Team of course.

I just hope that this isn’t the series that Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton get hot.


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