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Every now and then Commentary becomes relevant like in yesterday’s Chron E-Board take.  The other day Commentary mentioned The Mayor and her lists.  Well guess what?  Check this from the E-Board yesterday talking about The Mayor’s State of the City speech:

Job growth is tops in the nation, crime rates are down, and we seem to make every top 10 list.

She listed new programs to help people land jobs, touted the success of past projects like Hire Houston First and thanked Houstonians for contributing every day to making our city a better place. But the mayor’s speech seemed to lack one key item: the big picture.

How are we using the boom to help us when times are tough? How is Houston working to bridge the growing gap between wealthy and poor that threatens to render us economically vulnerable and socially stagnant? How will Houston look in 50 years?

These are questions that can’t be answered by a top 10 list. But Parker’s speech was exactly that – a list.

The E-Board take is a bit interesting in that they are nudging The Mayor to articulate a vision for H-Town.  Here is more:

Parker is not lacking for accomplishments, and we’ll probably hear all about them as the election approaches. As the mayor coyly said to rebut challenger Ben Hall‘s growing campaign: "I don’t need a campaign, I have an economy."

But Houston needs a future.

Two things here:  How do they know if Ben Hall’s campaign is growing?  Was it because he was parade marshal at Saturday’s Cinco de Mayo parade?  The Mayor does need a campaign.  Everybody that is running needs a campaign.

Here is one of the more interesting lines of the take:

One day Houston will become a city where people live because they want to, not because they have to.

I’m kind of thinking that The Mayor and her leadership circle are wondering what prompted the E-Board’s take yesterday like where did that come from.   Oh, well!

I encourage you to check out the entire take here.

When we played in the World Serious in 2005 and got swept by the White Sox in four, who were our four starting pitchers?

I’m not going to say much about the FBI and HISD other than it made the front page of Saturday’s Chron.  Stay tuned!

I don’t think I have ever been to two straight games of very bad ‘Stros ballgames.  Saturday night we got blown out 17-2.  Yesterday we were no hit through 6 1/3 innings and got whipped 9-0.  Now the players are calling each other out as we are 8-24 and the only big league team with single digit wins.  Here is from the Chron:

Reliever Wesley Wright said the Astros’ constant failure had become a “manhood” issue.

From closer Jose Veras:

“It’s easy to come here, lose a game, take a shower, guys can go home and say, ‘OK, we’ll get it tomorrow.’ No. It’s not that way.  We get paid to win ballgames. We are here to win ballgames. You (played) on teams in the minors to be here. Now you’re here. You’ve got to find a way to be successful to stay here.”

“People say, ‘It’s 162 games; we’ll get it later.’ Later when? It’s (32) games. When you going to take it?  So that’s all, you know? We’ve got to turn it around. We’ve got to find a way.”

From pitcher Lucas Harrell:

“It gets old, and it’s wearing on us.  We’re better than what we’ve been playing. … We’re embarrassed as a whole. We’re a team. We’re a family.”

From Wesley Wright:

“We all felt the performance has just been god-awful the last couple days and we can’t continue to put that type of showing out there.  It’s a challenge. Just to see what type of men we are and what type of baseball players we are.”

First of all the players ought to be calling out the front office.  They put together this $20 million team.  A lot of us aren’t surprised.   We are just as bad at home as we are on the road.  I don’t see it getting any better soon.

Check out the entire Chron piece here.

In the 2005 World Serious we started The Rocket, Andy Pettitte, Roy O., and Brandon Backe of course.

There sure were a lot of Tigers fans at The Yard this past weekend. One even had on a Kirk Gibson jersey.  We have the day off then the Angels are in for three. 


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