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Yesterday Commentary got an email from ChristiansForGoodGovernment@gmail.com that went after HISD for awarding 2012 HISD School Bond contracts to out of town firms.  Check this from the email:

In 2012 HISD came to us seeking $1.89 Billion of our hard earned tax dollars. They came into our churches and Homeowner Association meetings telling us how important passing this bond would be for our children and LOCAL businesses. We now see that (the Superintendent, some board members and staff) sold us a bill of goods. Not only are they raising our taxes, but LOCAL firms who have had a long history of working with the community are shut out. The HISD Board of Trustee’s decided to send your tax dollars to Columbus, Ohio and other cities outside of Houston; where YOU pay taxes.

Christians for Good Government also have a radio ad running with the same message. (email Commentary if you want to hear the ad.)

First of all let me say that having a debate on how HISD awards major contracts is legitimate.

Let me also say that you can only participate in this debate if you properly indentify yourself.  You can’t debate if you hide behind a curtain or a fake PAC.  I can’t find any record of Christians for Good Government with the Texas Ethics Commission so I don’t who their treasurer is and who gives them money.  I won’t try to guess who is behind Christians for Good Government.

I don’t spend a whole lot of time talking about religion on Commentary because I believe in separation of church and Daily Commentary if you know what I mean.  It does seem kind of unchristian-like to use “Christian” in a political ad in H-Town but not be honest about who you are.  It is not like you have to conceal your identity because you are going up against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.  You’re going up against HISD who by the way do not possess WMDs. 

So until we get Christians to come clean and indentify themselves there should be no debate on the awarding of contracts over at HISD – period!

Since Interleague Play began in how many seasons has the AL won the most games and how many seasons has the NL won the most games?

Quote of the week on a vote to do away with the Texas Lottery:

“I voted to do away with it, but I didn’t think I’d be part of a majority,” said (State Rep. Mike) Villarreal, who believes the agency is fiscally flawed.

Yogi Berra approves of this quote.

Time permitting Commentary will try to watch the George W. Bush Presidential Library dedication this morning.  Why not?

Burkablog will be there and read his take here.

Way to go The Dean!  Check this from the Chron:

Sen. John Whitmire on Wednesday pronounced an embattled "campus carry" bill dead for this legislative session, citing the lingering effect of last year’s Sandy Hook shooting that claimed the lives of 20 school children.

"I don’t think there is any question that the tragedies around the country, most recently at Sandy Hook, put a chilling effect on broadening the right to carry on campuses and other venues," said Whitmire, D-Houston. "I personally think we need a cooling-off period."

Whitmire effectively shot down the chances of Senate Bill 182, which would allow concealed handgun license holders to carry firearms in college classrooms and buildings, from being considered in the Criminal Justice Committee, which he chairs.

Here is the entire piece.

The AL has won Interleague Play 12 seasons, the NL 4 seasons of course

Cy-Fair product Robbie Grossman was called up from Oklahoma City yesterday to replace DL bound Justin Maxwell. He went 2 for 5 with 2 doubles. His parents were sitting in the field box seats to watch to their son play in his first big league game.  Afterwards he hopped on the team bus to catch the charter to Boston.  Today Grossman will play his second MLB game at Fenway.  He will probably run into players like Big Papi, Ellsbury, Pedroia, The Flying Hawaiian, and Napoli.  Way to go!

The bats came alive yesterday and the pitching was steady in a 10-3 win over the Mariners and a series win.  The ‘Stros now play four at Fenway and then head to the Bronx for three – yikes!


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