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The H-Town Mayor is kicking off her campaign at 11 am Saturday, May 11 down the street at Stude Park off of Studemont and White Oak.  If you are coming from south of I-10 avoid coming down Studemont/Studewood.  You will definitely get frustrated at the congestion.  Explore other routes. 

When you don’t spend money on the team, you can’t expect much so the following doesn’t surprise me.  Check this from the Chron sports page today:

About an hour after general manager Jeff Luhnow said Monday the Astros’ paper-thin early-season pitching situation was the worst he’s seen in his baseball career, his transparent statement received more depth.

A statistic from the Elias Sports Bureau appeared on Twitter timelines: Astros starting pitchers had combined for just 15 1/3 innings the last six games, heading into Monday night’s matchup against the Mariners at Minute Maid Park. The mark was tied with the 1986 White Sox for the fewest innings in a six-game span during the last 35 years.

“We’re going through an extremely rough time,” Luhnow said. “This is an unusual situation. Never in my career have I seen anything even remotely close to it.”

I got news for the GM.  A lot of us are not surprised. We are not dumbarses.  We know enough about the game to figure out what is happening.

Check out the rest of the story here.

What are the most runs the ‘Stros have ever scored in an inning?

Did you know that including The Mayor there are five women (Wanda Adams, Helena Brown, Ellen Cohen, Annise Parker, and Melissa Noriega) on the current 17 member H-Town City Council? 

Did you know that the 2006/2007 City Council had eight women (Carol Alvarado, Anne Clutterbuck, Ada Edwards, Pam Holm, Toni Lawrence, Sue Lovell, Shelley Sekula-Gibbs/Melissa Noriega, and Addie Wiseman) on the 15 member H-Town City Council?  That’s the only City Council that has had a women’s majority.

Did you know that the last Latinas to serve on the H-Town City Council were Alvarado and Wiseman back in 2007?

Well now you know!

This is from a Chron story only available to subscribers for now.  Guv Dude needs to sit tight and wait and see what happened.  Check this:

Gov. Rick Perry on Monday defended the state’s inspections process regarding the West fertilizer plant where a fire and explosion last week killed 14 people and devastated the small Central Texas town while officials began offering theories on a cause.

Perry said he remains comfortable with the level of state oversight following the West Fertilizer Co. blast that leveled several blocks of homes, schools and buildings. The governor added that Texas residents have sent the same message about regulation through their elected officials.

Slow down, Dude! 

Yesterday evening Commentary participated in a ‘Stros fan forum or focus group session at The Yard.  The front office had ten of us regulars there to talk about our Yard experiences.  There were some serious hard core fans there.  They started the session by asking all of us to relate a foul ball story.  I told them I could relate about 100 foul ball stories.  I don’t think they believed me.

Things that were discussed included The Yard grub, service, where we get info on the team, our attitudes about the team, and our positive and negative experiences at The Yard.  Some fella complained about the owner’s politics.  A couple complained about the homeless badgering them on their way in to The Yard.  A few complained about the TV and radio deal. 

We got a sandwich, cookie, drink, and a couple of T-shirts for our participation.

On May 31, 1975 in Philly, the ‘Stros scored 12 runs in the eighth inning of course in a game we won 15-3.

Jose Altuve is batting .377.   With the exception of Marwin Gonzalez, everyone else isn’t. 


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