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Everyone knows that Hearst owns the Chron and SA Express News.  Both newspapers share State Capitol and U.S. Capitol reporters and columnists.  Commentary regularly checks in on the SA Express News and I’ve noticed of late one big difference in local coverage.  The Express News devotes a lot of space to their City Council and school board races.  The Chron doesn’t – period.  That’s too bad.

The Chron covers City Hall issues but the only time they cover individual council members or council races is at filing deadline time and the day after the election.  Maybe Express News readers have a better appetite for City Council coverage.  I’m just making an observation.

The Tribe scored 8 runs in the first inning Friday night at The Yard.  What is the record for most runs scored in an inning against the ‘Stros?

I was at The Yard Friday evening when they flashed on El Grande the news about the second suspect being captured and folks pulled out their gizmos to read the news accounts.  My immediate reaction was a sigh of relief for the folks of Boston.  All day Friday they had been told to shelter in place or stay home.   The Bruins and Red Sox games were postponed that evening.

That’s one for the MLB record book – game called off because of manhunt.  That was the right call.  Aside from the fact that you have the second suspect on the loose, you don’t want to draw down on law enforcement at that particular time to deal with security issues and traffic around Fenway. 

The Red Sox organization gets kudos for Saturday afternoon’s pregame tribute.  Big Papi got a pass from the FCC for dropping the F bomb.  They honored victims, first responders, good Samaritans, medical personnel, and law enforcement.  Neil Diamond showed up to perform “Sweet Caroline.”  The five minute video shown on the jumbotron was very moving and emotional.

You can check it out here.

When Commentary was helping Traci Jensen, Democratic nominee for State Board of Education, District 6, last year, I was kind of surprised at a forum when the Republican candidate Donna Bahorich said she opposed vouchers.  It was surprising because Bahorich is close to Sen. Dan Patrick and in fact used to be his District Office Director. She announced her position at a couple of other forums we attended. Last week the State Board of Education voted on a resolution to oppose vouchers and it passed 10-5 with Bahorich voting against the resolution.

I wonder if the Chron will call out Bahorich on her flip flop.

On August 3, 1989 in Cincinnati the Reds scored 14 runs in the first inning of course against the ‘Stros.  We lost that game 18-2.

We lost Friday night 19-6.  It was ugly.

I don’t know what to say about the lowly ‘Stros.  You can’t really blame the players because they are who they are and what they get paid if you know what I mean.

The front office is the screw-up because they assembled this bunch.  I have to wonder why the Skipper pinch hit for Fernando Martinez in the seventh after he had a two run dinger in his first at-bat and a line drive out in his second at-bat.  We look like a 5-13 team.


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