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Over 125 Graci Garces supporters made their way out to the Air Terminal Museum last night to participate in the “Campaign Takeoff.”  Graci delivered a great “takeoff” speech that was well received.  Folks signed up to volunteer, some dropped off checks, and some took yard signs home.

I don’t think folks were disappointed that Graci didn’t arrive in a limo and walk on the red carpet. Way to go!

Check out what Burkablog has to say about Guv Dude and the Tea Party:

I seldom find myself in agreement with the tea party, but they are dead right in their skepticism of debt. This is why you can make the argument that Rick Perry is not a true conservative. He won’t raise taxes, but he doesn’t mind going deep into debt–and retiring debt is about the most expensive thing government can do. His proposal to capitalize $41 billion in debt to build roads is rash. Our grandchildren will be paying to retire the bonds in the 103rd Legislature.

The problem with the tea party is that it doesn’t want the government to do anything. Raise taxes? Hell no. Raise vehicle registration fees? No, no, a thousand times no. We might as well go back to 1948 and reprise the campaign to "get the farmer out of the mud." It is disingenuous for tea party leaders to say, “Any vote that adds debt to this state – any vote for any program that’s going to be leveraging debt or adding debt — will be considered by the tea parties of Texas as a vote for a tax increase.” It’s the absolutionist attitude of the tea party that drives me crazy. I have to say, though, it is quite delicious to see Rick Perry get a taste of his own medicine.

Check out Burkablog here.

How many MLBers currently on an MLB roster have more than 100 career triples? 

What is up with the Houston Press this morning?  My search engine won’t let me access the Press and says my gizmo would likely be infected by a virus.  I don’t know about that.

The Second Suspect is still on the loose.   Law enforcement officials are telling everyone to stay indoors and don’t leave the house.  I hope they catch the bad guy soon.

Carl Crawford (115), Jose Reyes (111), and Jimmy Rollins (105) of course all have 100 plus career three baggers.

Brett Wallace was sent to Oklahoma City yesterday.  The Tribe comes in for three and security is supposed to be increased tonight.  I don’t know why since the first 10,000 that arrive will be armed with mini bats. 


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