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I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about yesterday.  This time it was a marathon.

You just get plain numb when you hear about the latest act of violence or terror.  I’ll just wait until the investigators sort it out. 

Yesterday they said the JFK Library was bombed.  It wasn’t.

Yesterday some news outlets said 14 were killed.  As of this morning three are dead.

Yesterday they said they defused other devices.   They didn’t.

Sometimes you just want to take Paul Simon’s advice and just get all the news you need from the weather report.

Today I will skip the MLB quiz if you don’t mind.

According to Chron.com tomorrow the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation Board of Directors will vote on a Dome timeline.  Here is from Chron.com:

A spokesman for Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, noting that you never know what’s going to happen until it happens, said they are expecting a vote on a timetable that will  result in the Sports Corps. essentially shoving the ticking clock into the hands of the Harris County Commissioners Court this summer.

Joe Stinebaker said the timetable is June, when the county adopts its capital projects plan, meaning the Sports Corps. would gather and analyze proposals on what to do with the dome and present the best ones to commissioners court late that month.

The proposals will fall into three categories, he said:

1) Privately financed ideas for re-purposing the Astrodome (“There haven’t been any great signs of that happening”)

2) Publicly financed recommendations for re-purposing the Astrodome, i.e., projects that would require tax dollars, and more than likely require a bond referendum that could end up on a ballot this November (“The ideal arrangement would be for this not to cost taxpayers a penny and for some private investor with deep pockets to come up with a fun and beneficial idea”)

3) Tearing the Astrodome down, which also seems unlikely given the intense nostalgia and resistance to the idea.

Here is the entire piece.

Commentary went and visited the Ben Hall for Mayor web site this morning just to see if he has posted a list of supporters.  He has and it is heavy with African American leaders including Constable May Walker, Cong. Al Green, Constable Ruben Davis, former CM Carol Galloway, former CM Jarvis Johnson, former Cong. Craig Washington, former Supt. Rod Paige, and Sylvia Brooks just to name a few.  I can’t find a list of The Mayor’s supporters.

Last night the ‘Stros looked like the team they are supposed to look like this season.


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