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Commentary has been reading about changes the Texas Legislature is contemplating to the governance structure of the Port Commission.  Port Commissioner’s term limits are definitely going to happen.  As we all know, Port Chair Janiece Longoria is the only Latina/Latino on the Commission.  I hope The Dean and others that are leading the effort to alter the Port’s governance structure don’t end up adopting a measure that results in the possibility of Latinos not having representation on the Port Commission in a year or so.  There has been a Latino/Latina on the Port Commission since the 1980s.  I hope in their zeal to make changes they don’t end up with a Port Commission without Latino/Latina representation.  This is the Texas Legislature so you know it is a possibility.

It kind of says something that we finally get a Latina to Chair the Port Commission and now some are proposing that she gets shown the door.

Name the player to win the first ever MLB Rookie of the Year Award? 

Last week The Mayor and the Uptown Houston Management District announced they were going to spend a bunch of dough on a bus system with dedicated lanes that would run on Post Oak.  That’s not sitting well with Mattress Mac who authored an Op-Ed in yesterday’s Chron.  He took some shots at The Mayor, METRO, and the Management District and called them a bunch of “hacks.”  FYI:  Mattress Mac has a Gallery Furniture on Post Oak.  Here are bits of his Op-Ed:

Post Oak and the Galleria area are the greatest shopping destinations in Texas. But how many people do you know shop the Galleria by bus? Years ago, the Uptown District offered a bus service for area residents and shoppers for free – and they discontinued the program for lack of riders.


Tell me another world-class city that tears up its most prominent commercial street to run dedicated bus lanes? I thought we were "Space City." Instead we have political hacks pushing the same lame "solutions."

Here is the entire Mattress Mac take.


This Wednesday the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation Board of Directors will meet to act on the future of the Astrodome – finally.  I am betting all the local media will be at the meeting.  Whatever they come up with still has to be approved by Commissioners Court.

The freaking flagstick was Tiger’s undoing this past weekend.  If he misses the stick, he wins.

Jackie Robinson of course won the first ever MLB Rookie of the Year Award in 1947.

I stayed up Saturday night to watch Albert Pujols do it to us again with two outs in the bottom of the ninth – drats!  Brett Wallace is 1 for 24 and batting .042.  Heck, he can’t even see the Mendoza line.

Every player will be wearing numero 42 today.


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