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My friend Edgar Colón is Chairman of the Board of the Harris County Sports and Convention Corp., the entity created by Harris County Commissioners Court to manage and develop Reliant Park.  He has an Op-Ed in today’s Chron explaining the hold-up on deciding what to do with the Dome.  Here are parts:

Back in 2012, we presented several options for repurposing this regional icon. These options were the result of preliminary feasibility workshop sessions with world-class architectural, engineering and attraction design and development consultants. This was not "just another study."

As a valuable asset of Harris County, the repurposing of the Astrodome has to take into consideration its impact on the overall Master Plan for Reliant Park. As a result, our study assesses our current and future needs at Reliant Park with particular focus on a comprehensive plan for future development at the complex.

The main guidelines we have considered in developing the options have centered on four core principles: public purpose (any proposed redevelopment must serve the interests of the taxpayers); flexibility (for both short-term and long-term use); compatibility (with current Reliant Park operations and our contractual obligations to our existing tenants, stakeholders and clients) and fiscal responsibility (considering both capital and operating costs).

In addition to these core principles, substantial consideration was given to implementing a "Green Initiative" at Reliant Park. The goal here is for Reliant Park – particularly the Dome – to serve as a showcase for emerging environmentally responsible energy efficient technologies.

I would think that tearing down the Dome would fall under the “public purpose”, “compatibility”, and “fiscal responsibility” core principles if you ask me.  Guess what?  They are not going to ask Commentary.

Edgar also says that the 2008 economic meltdown and economic climate since then has made financing difficult for “repurposing” the Dome.  Edgar is a Harris County appointee and the County will decide when to put the Dome’s future up for a vote and right now it doesn’t look like anyone at the County has the stomach to tear it down.  See what Edgar says:

The demolition of this fine structure not only destroys an icon but also forever takes away the possibility of future private development of the building.

Moreover, as the recent editorial in the Houston Chronicle points out, we should seize the moment to build something more worthwhile than more parking spots.

In other words, don’t expect a decision this year.  Stay tuned!

Here is the rest of the piece.

We have the day off today then go face our old nemesis Albert Pujols in Anaheim tomorrow.  How many career regular season dingers does Albert have against the ‘Stros?

Check out Kuffer’s piece on Dem members of Congress that still aren’t on the program on equality in marriage.

What’s the hold-up?

We won again last night for a series win.  I don’t know what to say!  Today our offense is kind of in the middle of the pack of all MLB clubs.  We’ve only played nine games though.

Albert Pujols has 42 dingers against ‘Stros pitching of course.

Brett Wallace was given the day off yesterday to clear his head.  That’s never a good thing to hear.  Here is what the Skipper told MLB:

"Sometimes you need to take a step back.  You can be trying so hard with extra work and video and reading game reports and over analyzing each and every at-bat to where you probably need to take a step back. We’re going to give him the day off, we have an off-day on Thursday, and Friday send him back in there. I think the results are going to be in a more positive light for Brett."

I don’t know about that.


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