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Grover Norquist is heading up an effort to support immigration reform.  Check this from Politico:

High-profile conservative groups are taking on an unexpected cause: passing immigration reform.

A diverse mix of the Washington consultant class is cutting TV ads, revving up the grassroots and advising lawmakers on messaging and strategy in hopes of getting a bill across the finish line this year.

The surprising effort is a new element to the immigration debate — and one that could influence Republican lawmakers reluctant to support the cause.

Here is the entire piece.

The article really doesn’t address pathway to citizenship.  Some Latinos are working to make sure pathway to citizenship doesn’t require impossible conditions.  Stay tuned!

The A’s are in town for three.  Name the top two all time career dinger hitters as A’s?

My pal H-Town CM Steve Costello has an Op-Ed in today’s Chron on pensions.

Check it out here.

My pal local activist/video photographer Carlos Calbillo is calling out a H-Town District I candidate because of her ties to the GOP.  Carlos is sending out copies of the emails.  It could be an issue because the last time I checked District I voted over 70% for The President last November.

One of the greatest local sports injustices was finally resolved yesterday when word got out that Guy V. Lewis will finally be going to the Hall of Fame.  It is about freaking time!

All I’m going to say about “Two and a Half Men” last night is that network TV isn’t what it used to be.  Oh, Lucy!

Mark McGwire with 363 dingers and Hall of Fame great Jimmie Foxx with 303 lead the A’s of course in the all time dinger department as A’s.

They are giving away t-shirts tonight and baseballs tomorrow.  I wonder how many fans will attend.


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