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Commentary makes it a point not to spend time talking about the drug cartels south of the border or gangs or organized crime.  Those guys don’t play fair so why get on their radar.  I did find it interesting that Guv Dude put on his Dick Tracy lid yesterday and pointed to border security as a possible culprit in the Kaufman County murders.  Check this from Politico:

When asked about the possible involvement of the Aryan Brotherhood in the killings, the Republican governor said it is too early to speculate about who was behind the killings, but added that it also wouldn’t be wise to overlook any angle.

“We know the drug cartels are very, very active in our country now. It goes back … to the whole issue of border security and the failure of the federal government to put the men and women, whether they are military or whether they’re border patrol or whether working with the local law enforcement, expend the dollars necessary to secure the border with Mexico,” Perry said on Fox News.

I wonder if Guv Dude knows something the Texas Rangers, FBI and other law enforcement agencies don’t.

As of this morning in the MLB three out of the top four batters with the most strikeouts are ‘Stros.  Name them? 

Kuffer has a good take today on the candidates running for H-Town City Council At-Large #3.

Here it is.

Let me add two cents or so.  If it ends up with three Latino candidates running they may end up splitting the Latino vote and none of them could get into a runoff.  Stay tuned!

At The Mayor’s press availability yesterday she defended the ugly signs out in left field over at The Yard.   The Mayor said they bring in funds for community baseball fields.  Maybe they do but the signs hide the train, block a view of the Downtown, and just totally whack the character of The Yard.

If you get the hard copy of the Chron like Commentary you saw that the front page of the sports section has 43 Ks in big arse font.  For those that don’t know, the K in baseball means a strike out.  Opposing pitchers have whiffed 43 ‘Stro batters in the first three games of the season.  That’s a new MLB record.    Way to go!  The sports section visual is certainly not what the front office want us to see since they are trying to get folks come out to see “a whole new ballgame.”  Only 15,000 showed up yesterday afternoon at The Yard and the A’s come in for three this weekend.

I know it is way too early but when your $25 million team payroll is the lowest in MLB you may set MLB records like the one that was set yesterday. 

Brett Wallace (8), Chris Carter (7), and Carlos Pena (6), of course are in the top 4 in the MLB this morning in the whiff department.

The last two games they looked like last season’s team.  We’re 1-2.


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