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Stop the Madness sent me a mail piece yesterday wanting me to sign a petition so we can once and for all put an item on the City ballot this November on our sanctuary city status.   Here is from their website:

We Need 20,000 Signatures. Have You Signed?

Two proposed ballot measures need signatures that will challenge the status quo on illegal immigration in Houston:

  1. Sanctuary Cities: Public Safety policy designed to allow Houston Police Officers more discretion in identifying and reporting those who fail a valid ID check on a probable cause encounter.

  1. E-Verify: Contractors and subcontractors benefitting from taxpayer funds on a City of Houston contract would be required to use E-Verify to authorize the legal working status of their employees.

You would think that their mail consultant would do a voting history check and maybe make sure a voter like Commentary (Latino, frequent Dem voter) would not get their mail.  Oh, well!

Only three times in the history of the ‘Stros has a player played in all 162 games of the season at the same position.  Name the players and the positions?

The State of Texas wants to shut down North Forest ISD and have the kids go to HISD schools.  The folks that run North Forest are resisting.  I’m betting the state prevails.

The Mayor is holding a press conference today to announce a campaign to get rid of texting while driving.  Wouldn’t an ordinance do the trick? 

Bill Doran (2B in 1987), Baggy (1B in 1996), and B-G-O (2B in 1996) of course have played in all of the 162 games in a season.

The first place ‘Stros are back in action tonight at The Yard.


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