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We still have 161 games left but it is OK to say we’re in first place in the AL West and the Rangers have to win ten out of our remaining 18 games to hold on to the Silver Boot or whatever it is called.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say I feel a rivalry in the making. ‘Stros fans immediately started booing when Ranger players were introduced during the pregame ceremonies.

We got to The Yard an hour and a half before the game yesterday and still had to park five blocks away.  The lines were long and a lot of folks were wearing the new orange gear.

James, Jake, Christopher, the Carpenters, G-Man, MariGirl, The Mayor, and Bethany were among the faithful in attendance.

We had not won a home opener since 2008 so it felt good not to go home bummed out.

I’m not getting my hopes up but……..

In the home opener in 2008, we beat San Luis 5-3 with all of our runs generated by four dingers.  Name the ‘Stros players that smacked the dingers that evening?

We’re getting there.  Here is part of what the Chron E-Board said this past Saturday:

We’re now starting to accept that tearing down the Astrodome may be the right choice. But if our Dome truly is doomed, Houston should seize the moment to build something more worthwhile than RodeoHouston’s plan for more parking spots.

Here is the entire take.

The Chron E-Board also did their Opening Day take yesterday.  Here is how it ended:

There’ll be some inconveniences for fans and players alike in a new league and a new division. Ask the ballplayers: A road trip to Seattle can seem like a trek to Moscow. Kids will have to stay up later to catch the West Coast games. (Remember, moms, you heard it here first.) But there’ll also be Yankee pinstripes and Bosox; Tigers, Orioles, Blue Jays, Indians, White Sox, Twins, Royals and Rays to get to know and revile every bit as much as Ernie Banks’ hated Cubs.

Yes, the Astros’ luck "has been battin’ zero," for a while, to borrow the words of the song.

But we choose to have heart and hope – from the opening pitch to the last out. After all, there’s no crying in baseball.

Here is the entire take.

The Chron put out their ‘Stros preview yesterday and this season they didn’t predict how many we would win and lose.

St. Arnold took over Lefty’s at The Yard.  You can also get your regular beer and wine there.

Dante and I snagged a foul ball Friday evening.

Only 11,000 and change showed up Friday evening.  I wasn’t able to make it Saturday afternoon where only 12,000 and change showed up.

The Big Puma, J.R. Towles, Carlos Lee, and Miguel Tejada of course had a dinger in our home opener back in 2008.

The “Today Show” had a cool April Fools piece today.

The team has today off.


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