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Commentary and Dante will be heading to The Yard this Good Friday evening.  Hope they have some tasty meatless grub.  Sunday is Opening Day and Bethany and I will be on hand.  If you can’t make it to The Yard Sunday you can check the game out on ESPN.  

Of course a lot of fans have still not bought in to the reduced payroll ‘Stros as you can still buy tickets at dynamic pricing on the ‘Stros website.  As of this morning there are over 2,300 tickets available on stub hub. 

MY nephew Dave sent me a link here  http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/9109596/alex-rodriguez-make-more-houston-astros-combined-salary. about A-Roid making more this season than the entire ‘Stros payroll.  The item was also mentioned on the “Today Show” this morning.  That’s not the kind of national media run we need.

In what year did the ‘Stros set their highest season attendance record?

The ‘Stros owner says he is not going to blink in his negotiations with U-Verse, DirecTV, and Dish over carrying the ‘Stros according to a story in the Chron today.  Here is from one of the team network negotiators:

“We have gone back and forth (with providers).  We have placed proposals in front of them, but the bottom line we are feeling is that the providers simply are just unwilling to move unless they are absolutely forced to, and that is with the fans out there and their customers demanding that they get this deal done.  Despite our own efforts, we are growing less optimistic by the day that we will reach agreement (by the opening series). We’re concerned with that.”

So it is up to the fans?   Do the fans really care if they see the team whacked consistently night in and night out?

Here is from the owner:

“When we saw DirecTV, they said they had only lost a few customers.  Well, when they lose a few thousand customers, guess what: They’re going to pay that rate pretty quick, and everything is going to start running pretty smooth.”

Now let’s see.  The Rockets seem to be heading to the playoffs and they can only be seen in 40% of H-Town area households and the non providers have still not cratered because they haven’t felt the pressure from fans.

Here is what one of the providers said:

“an agreement with the owners of CSN Houston that allows customers to choose whether they want to pay to see the games or not. We are ready and willing to have that discussion any time.”

Is this like pay-per-view?

U-Verse says this:

“As we’ve said before, we would like to make this network available to our customers, but CSN Houston is demanding a high price for the same team games that, as of last season, were available on other channels we already carry and pay for. The only other major TV provider that has agreed to carry this network is Comcast, which is a partial owner of the network. We believe the extra value is not being created for the extra cost, and it seems that other major TV providers agree.”

Well why don’t they just get rid of Fox Sports Southwest and replace it with CSN?

If the owner is waiting for the fans to put the pressure on the providers he may have to wait a while.  If demand for tickets to The Yard is an indicator, don’t look for a deal to happen anytime soon.  Why would some fans want to pay a little more dough to see a $25 million payroll team?

Here is the story on the issue.

In 2004, the team drew 3,087,872 fans of course to The Yard.

Oh yeah, the Cubbies are in town this evening.


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