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The Mayor decided to put in her two cents on the Rockets/’Stros/CSN/satellite provider fight on carrying the Rockets and ‘Stros.  U-Verse and Direct TV and others do not have the ‘Stros/Rockets on their grid because they don’t want to ask their customers to shell out more dough per month.  The Mayor’s comments were covered on TV and in the Chron.  Commentary doesn’t really worry about this because I have Comcast.  Here is from Chron.com:

“It is about dollars,” (Mayor Annise) Parker said. “I respect the fact that a cable provider has to provide what they consider the best value for their shareholders and for their customers but, again, the taxpayers of Houston paid for these venues, we want the opportunity to watch the major league teams that we support play.”


As an aside, Parker said she also was concerned that Astros games on radio are moving to Clear Channel Media’s 5,000-watt KBME (790 AM) from 50,000-watt KTRH (740 AM).

“These are business decisions by big league teams, and big league teams have to recognize that fans are part of the equation, just as the cable providers have to recognize that they are not just providing programming, they’re providing a service to the fans in the community,” Parker said. “I find both sides, their stubbornness is problematic.”

Here is the entire Chron piece.

I am apparently part of the 40% of H-Town area households that will be able to see the games on the flat screen when I’m not at The Yard.

This is about the providers and the teams and CSN and how much money they are all going to make.  In the end they will stick it to the fans.  That always happens.

I don’t have a problem with The Mayor handing out her two cents on the ‘Stros.  Heck, I do it every now and then.

Meanwhile, in today’s Chron only available to subscribers, Ken Hoffman has a piece about $12 burgers and $10 hot dogs that will be served at The Yard this season.

MariGirl and I had to go Downtown yesterday and we decided to make a stop at The Yard to pick up some new gear for Opening Day.  We ran into a Channel 2 news crew and they interviewed us about the 2013 ‘Stros.  The story is supposed to air tomorrow.  Check it out!

Everybody knows that Commentary is a huge “Today Show” fan.  I wake up with them every morning.  I was pleasantly surprised when I was watching yesterday morning as Jenna Wolfe announced she’s having a baby.  Congrats to Jenna and her partner NBC correspondent Stephanie Gosk!

BTW:  I did pick up one the new lids yesterday.  I wonder if The Mayor has any of the new gear.

According to a study, the ‘Stros are dead last among MLB teams in fan loyalty.  I’m shocked! We’re #30, we’re #30!  Check this:

The index uses four measures of loyalty, Brand Keys president Robert Passikoff told the Marketing Daily: how exciting a team is during competition; how well they play as a team; how well respected and admired the players are; and the extent to which the game and the team are part of a fans’ and community’s rituals, institutions and beliefs.

Here is more on the study.

Don’t blame me!

Here is from the Houston Press on the 2013 ‘Stros:

So coming off of a 55-107 season, with a less experienced, far less expensive roster, and moving into a division where they play Oakland, Texas, Anaheim, and Seattle 19 times apiece, it’s hard to envision the Astros cracking the 59 1/2 win total that Vegas has put up for them.

So reluctantly, and merely as a sound investment, I will take the UNDER on 59 1/2 wins for your Astros

Here is the entire piece.

If you don’t want to spoil your Opening Day experience, then stay away from the Houston Press’ cover story on the ‘Stros that you can check here.

It would not surprise me if Rangers fans outnumber ‘Stros fans Sunday evening.

Speaking of, the Rangers take on the Padres for two tomorrow and Saturday at the Alamodome.

Check out the story here.

Rangers/Padres in the Alamodome is certainly more interesting than the ‘Stros/Cubbies at The Yard this weekend. 


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