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Or does it? Some folks are stirred up because Nike has an ad with Tiger Woods that says winning takes care of everything.  Here is from an AP story:

But some say it’s inappropriate in light of Woods’ past marital woes.


Others responded on Twitter. Annie Kessler, 25, in Columbus, Ohio, tweeted that the ad was a "poor choice" for Nike. She said in an interview that she felt compelled to tweet because even though she understands why Nike would want to promote Woods, the phrase itself is inappropriate because of Woods’ past infidelity.

All I can say is that it’s his “past infidelity” and not mine and not yours.

Here is the AP piece on the ad.

Whew!  It is now OK to hang around The Dean.

Last season was the first where attendance dropped below 2 million at Minute Maid Park – 1,607,733.  When was the last time at the Dome we had less than 2 million for a season?

H-Town CM James Rodriguez put this out yesterday:


For the past several years, I have worked closely with many of you to address issues facing our communities throughout District I.  I have requested your input on important matters and policy proposals that would impact your neighborhoods.  Today, I want to share a proposal that is on this week’s City Council Agenda to repeal Section 39-2 of the Code of Ordinances, relating to disturbing or removing contents of garbage containers (commonly referred to as dumpster diving).

I currently have reservations about this proposal, which I believe has been expedited in a fashion that has failed to inform our community and go through the appropriate channels.  It is my opinion that this issue merits special consideration and should be referred to a Council Committee to allow public comment prior to being considered by the City Council.

This proposal is listed as Agenda Item #9 on this week’s Council Agenda.  Click here to view the Agenda. Scroll past the agenda to review the Request for Council Action (RCA) for Agenda Item #9.

Please note that I intend to delay the vote on this item for a week to allow District I residents to provide input.  If interested in addressing City Council on this item, you may do so at City Council Public Session by signing up with the City Secretary, 832.393.1100.

City Council Public Session

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


City Hall, Council Chambers

901 Babgy, 2nd Floor

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is a Chron story on the dumpster diving issue.

The team still reads Commentary.  It looks like Dierk and the ‘Stros made up.  Here is from the Chron:

After an hour-long meeting with Astros owner Jim Crane on Tuesday, former Astros pitcher, broadcaster and manager Larry Dierker said “everything is fine” between him and the team’s owner.

Here is the story.

The most annoying fella in MLB is the Commissioner.  Commentary has not wasted a lot of energy talking about the move to the AL because there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.  The Commissioner is now explaining why it was done and it doesn’t make sense.  The story is only available to subscribers.  Here is part of what he said:

(Bud) Selig said the primary reason for the Astros’ AL relocation came down to simple geography. With St. Louis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central, the Astros were the odd team out. According to the commissioner, the Cardinals, Cubs, Brewers and Reds have "tremendous" rivalries. The Astros did not, he said, because of their isolation.

"The teams left in the National League Central all had a geographical (base) – there was a relationship. Houston was sitting down there; there was no relationship," said Selig, who stressed he made the decision in the best long-term interests of baseball. "And I understand they’ve been in the National League for a long time, and I’m sympathetic to that. But we had to move a team, and … the fact of the matter is when you looked at all the other things that could happen, the only logical thing was for Houston to move. … I didn’t have an alternative."

You bet!  I’m trying to figure out the rivalries the Bucs, Reds and Brewers have.  Shut up, Bud!

In 1996 at the Dome of course the club drew 1,975,888 for the season.

If you want to go to Opening Day this Sunday at The Yard and willing to fork over a little extra, it shouldn’t be a problem.  As of yesterday there were 3,298 tickets available on Stub Hub.


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